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Hypoxia during Oxygen Deprivation

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To add another layer of immersion and realism to medical, I was wondering if it would be possible to add a Hypoxia mechanic to oxygen deprivation.

It would work pretty simply. After so long without oxygen, depending on local atmospheric stats, and oxy damage, induce a confusion effect on a given mob for x seconds, until atmos stats are restored, or oxygen damage is repaired.

Basically, this would encourage people not to run into an unpressurized room without internals on, or try to be some hero sec officer running into a hard vacuum. Would also encourage people to actually equip internals when a breach has occurred.

Thoughts? Is this something that would be interesting, and realistic, or just annoying?


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I expect it to do the opposite of the intended effect and make it even worse for people to escape from situations where a breach has suddenly occurred, thus leading to more deaths than anything. Seems annoying and not interesting in the slightest, compared to the suggestions of adding such effects to the medicines that treat the damage instead (Same intention, but far less lethal in a situation where it counts).

Addendum: As for realism, you already go into paincrit fairly quickly if you're in a vacuum. With or without internals.

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