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Tokash Office Customization II - Shark Trophy

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BYOND Key: Evandorf
Character name: Suvek Tokash
Item name: Shark Jaw Trophy

Why is your character carrying said item to work? This would be an item what stays in my office on the wall.

Item function(s): Purely decorative. It would work just like a flag or sign.
Item description: Flavor text would read, "A large and impressive pair of jaws from what must have been a large and impressive shark."
Item appearance: It would be a cleaned and mounted skeletal jaw. It would sit on the wall. I'll pull up a picture for reference.


How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? Much like the spear custom item this would re-enforce Tokash's more unathi aspects that I feel he sometimes loses adhering to being HoS and Implanted. Back to a time when he could run outside during a migration and hunt with a spear and not worry about being a respectable member of command.
Additional comments: I'm not sure how difficult it would be, but some flags you can deploy straight to the wall like a poster without needing a screwdriver. Can the same be done for items like this? If not I can get a screwdriver relatively easily.

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8 hours ago, TishinaStalker said:

So, jaw or spear? I'm very leery about giving you both because then when does it stop? Would I be seeing another app later on for a stuffed Plain Tyrant tail too?

I apologize if I misunderstood your approval of the spear. When it was accepted you had said it was because you encouraged personalizing of heads' offices so I thought another item wouldn't be too much and I may have been wrong in that assumption.

That being said I can promise that I will make no requests for additional office items. Both the spear and trophy are related to Tokash's personal history. Back when Marwani used to be a regular presence on the station and he was just an officer his tendency to hunt carp and shark whenever he could put a definite strain on their relationship. If these seem to be just token Unathi items it's because Tokash is sort of  a stereotype himself.

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I've had a thought after my initial response and thought I'd see what you think of it.

A full spear and a shark trophy together might seem a little too much and I know that you made an exception for the spear in regards to the weapon rule. Instead of a full spear on the wall, how about something smaller that wouldn't require a weapon exception? My initial thought was just the spearhead, suspended in a small stand which would sit on the desk. This way I would still have a piece of the spear and my family heirloom while also mixing it a bit with technology. It would better mirror Tokash's traditionalist personality mixed with the implant and working in a human-centric station. It would also be easier to steal, if antags looked at my exploitable info. The shark trophy would then, in my opinion, be less egregious.

My primary concern would be undoing Alb's work on spriting the original spear and I would be willing to find or commission someone to get the new sprites myself, rather than add to the staff's workload.

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Why not I just sprite a necklace of some form. Both a spearhead and a shark tooth. Best of both worlds, you can keep it on your person, it's a small item you can carry to work and has both things on your person. Or leave it in the open to be stolen, I suppose. Wouldn't be outrageously hard to do either.

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I was gonna say, I feel like a necklace would've been more counter intuitive to the player. Not to mention having a miniature spearhead and shark tooth wouldn't really do justice to the character in this case. Good responses, though, and you've convinced me on the matter.

Application accepted.

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