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[Withdrawn] UglyXeno's Synth Lore Developer Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: UglyXeno

Position Being Applied For: (coder, mapper, spriter): 
Synth Loredev

Past Experiences/Knowledge: 
Some experience as unathi deputy.
Some work on previous servers.

Examples of Past Work:


The above is a collaboration with ParadoxSpace, who contributed about half of that.

As far as what I would do with synths, I would begin a push to advance the technology of IPCs and other synthetics through in-character developments (such as news stories, events involving science and engineering, et cetera) to start opening synths up to some more concepts that were, until now, in fuzzy territory or otherwise neglected. I do not intend to abandon any of my previous projects, nor do I intend to leave Jackboot totally alone in managing Unathi lore, I just saw something of a disintegration going on in the synth team and thought I could add something by applying.

A criticism I have (although, perhaps, not one many people would share) is that the lore of posibrains as I understand it is currently a bit restrictive and does not allow for more 'software' based synthetic characters rather than 'hardware' based, where 'hardware' robots would be a complete, indivisible unit, and 'software' ones would have something of a seperation between the personality, skills, and body. My opinion is that a healthy robot lore is something that allows for both the 'hardware' and 'software' concepts to coexist, in this case represented by 'robots' and 'posibrains'. I also believe that it is time for the lore of the MMI to be advanced. I think that the necessity of lobotomizing the brain is an arbitrary rule, and I'd instead leave it as an option.

Some of the themes I'd be shooting for as synthlore head would be the pros and cons of posibrains, software intelligence, and cyborgs, as well as the conflict between them, as well as the relations of the average person with the cutting edge of synthetics, particularly with non-human races (with cooperation from the appropriate maintainers).

Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.): Discord, VUX#6482

Additional Comments:
I get the feeling that a lot of my ideas aren't super welcome, so let me be clear that there are two reasons I am posting this. One is that I felt the need to help out now that almost the entire synth team had to leave. The other is that a lot of the other people who mentioned an interest in it have ideas I disagree with regarding certain concepts. My philosophy on lore development is to leave as many concepts open as possible.

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The bioshell thing is very cool in my opinion, even though I had some minor nitpicks. The hardware/software thing is an another idea that I support strongly. VUX is also a great roleplayer, particularly as a synth, and is good at remaining civil at nearly all times. Also, I want to boop them on the nose. Even if they don't get the position of loredev, I really want to see them as a synth deputy. +1

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Can you walk me through a day in the life of a synthetic, 24 hours from start to finish?


This is important, because barring big political/ideological and community groups, at the end of the day the average robot is what players will play and as a developer I feel it is our duty to paint a picture of the average [INSERT SPECIES HERE] detailed enough so that the players can finish it. If you can't imagine the process, then how can you expect players to?


Two  personalized questions.  You mention the distinction of hardware and software synthetics. Can you explain this? Perhaps by giving an example of a software synthetic, and a hardware synthetic?


Personally, I am critical of adding yet more sub-factions and different sub-species to synthetics. What do you plan to do with currently known synthetic organizations and lore?


More over, I did not enjoy the development time with Autakh, it was perhaps one of the most tenuous moments of my time here on staff. 

If  we are to continue to work on projects together, how do you believe this working relationship will change with the lore staff?


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