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Game Mode Suggestion

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Copypasted from Arrow's post, because I'm hella lazy.

"Hm, how about Poltergeist?  People like spoopy events, afterall.  

You'd begin with basic ghost abilities- write in blood, flicker lights.  You'd be able to blow out candles and turn off lamps.  You would have a drain lifeforce feature, where if you hovered over someone and activated it, they would get a bit of text saying something like 'a chill goes down your spine', which would slowly give them pain damage but no actual physical damage.  However, drain life should only work in low lighting.

As you gain more lifeforce you unlock more abilities- the ability to be visible for a short amount of time, the ability to pick up and move objects, the ability to possess people, etc.  Ideally most of these would be flavory, used to set a tone more than anything- spraying blood on the floors, knocking out lights, etc.  You would not be able to enter the chapel.  Holywater would immediately cure possession."

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To be quite honest, this just sounds like the Revenant or Wraith antag to me, both demoted to side antag as they didnt leave much impact in the round, the Revenant being a minor annoyance to a somewhat dangerous annoyance if left alone while the Wraith had some strong offensive abilities but was tailored to Goon gameplay. i really dont think this would work a on server as well where theres rarely somebody working in the Chapel.

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4 hours ago, ben10083 said:

Interesting, but how will you be able to "defeat" the antag and have it purged from the station? Keep in mind that we can't have only the priest be able to do so, as if they are not present the crew is basically screwed.

At the beginning of the round, remains are randomly stowed somewhere on the station.  As they level, they become more corporal and can be reduced to 0 hp, at which point they respawn at the remains.  If the remains are found and destroyed, they are defeated.  Bonus points to people who use this all to make cool stories about deaths around the station and come up with win conditions like 'unite this ring with my body', etc.

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