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[Resolved] Calion12

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BYOND Key: missnatcula
Game ID: bZi-bxsM
Player Byond Key: Calion12
Staff involved: Shadow7889
Reason for complaint: First of all here is the entire log up to where I say in dsay I'm making the report. https://pastebin.com/MA6w0u3V I feel its important to see my side of things since the character Calion12 played had not interacted, at all with mine all shift for the most part.


It started off me me not doing much of anything. I was dealing with Collins who was just pissing about. I don't like to valid hunt so even though he pulled a gat gun out at the start of the round, I gave him a fair chance to play it off as a toy and eventually I saw him on the cameras in the captains office. I approached, eventually it let to the armory. Me and Calion12; in a mech, cornered him in the armory and then we have Parker come and remove the door that was bolted and Collins' broke with a emag sealing him in the armory. A fight broke out, I tried to subdue him with Calion12's character and eventually because I don't go lethal right away, got my ass handed to me and fell into crit. Calion12's character then proceeded with fighting with Collins' and from my understand and the noises, killed him with the mech. I was then in surgery for a long long time and in medbay and then went and hunted down the spiders, cleaned up the brig then dealt with another nonrping traitor who came into the brig, broke into the HOS' office then shot up another officer after being told to stop. After we detained him, very minor damage to him, he got kinda pissy and I put him in cryo like he wanted then returned to cleaning. I thanked the engineer for fixing the doors in the armory and then Calion12's character came into the brig and approached me. This was the exchange;

Lin Dyslioth says, "Hello sir."
Fideal Al'majoree says, "Hello therre."
Fideal Al'majoree asks, "Anything noteworrthy orr have things settled down now?"
Lin Dyslioth says, "Seems settled."
Lin Dyslioth says, "I cleaned up the mess, like nothing happened."
Lin Dyslioth says, "So lets all move on."
Fideal Al'majoree says, "Well then you'rre rreally not going to like this."
Slayer fires the jury-rigged welder-laser!
The laser misses Lin Dyslioth narrowly!
Slayer fires the jury-rigged welder-laser!

And as you can see, he just opens fire at me. I stood there for a second after the first laser missed seeing if he was do anything, maybe rp? but instead was shot right in the face so fled. Then the mech suited Calion12 proceeded on a murder seeking rampage. I went to get the emp rifle, stolen, suited up in armor and took a rifle and tried to get the medbay staff out harms way as the Calion12 was opening fire on every one from what I saw. He blasted at medical staff, cyborgs and security. So I got locked into the brig above my office due to the airlocks and Calion12's character comes in eventually, its dark, I get the jump on him and push him down and steal his laser gun but he just has more weapons and kills me.


I ahelp'd cause honestly from my point of view, he had no reason to seek out my specific character like and kill them, drag them around, beat their corpse and over all show a lack of reason or rp behind what they were doing. I was told;

[Moderator PM] Shadow7889: They were upset with how the ISD handled things with the crew that were detained.

Like excuse me, but if you use the find feature and look up 'Fideal Al'majoree' there is a lack of it in regards of any contact or rp involving my character other then very vague passing comments, or even ISD in general. His character is the one that KILLED Collins', another traitor and the other traitor we detained rambo'd the brig and we detained with out hurting much. HOW is it possible that his character didn't like how we 'handled' things? Considering it was just me and Donwell Clark for a long while before another officer even showed up. So clearly it was mostly against me. The ONLY ISD. Since Clark was not doing anything related to criminals except process contraband.


As a player who clearly has at least TWO APP required roles approved I expect better rp and reasoning for traitoring then 'I hate the ISD' cause thats how I saw it. I try REALLY hard to follow space law, not valid hunt, not go to lethals, and even in combat still ROLEPLAY. I have no apps. Something doesn't seem right with this picture.
Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes
Approximate Date/Time: 03/16 5:10am pst

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I will say that it's inborn into Fideal to have a dislike of security. Usually restricted to passing comments or snide remarks and a lack of assisting them unless his own ass is on the line, he's very self-centred in that respect. Shit had kicked off well before I entered the scene, I was playing off of that previous carnage. After it was dealt with you have a break, things seem fine before another threat arises. I know I didn't RP much prior to the climax for which I do apologise if it came out of left field but as an antagonist with little hope of winning an outright fight to begin with, I needed to have the element of surprise which I'm pretty sure doesn't violate any rules, it was an opening gambit to take out you, the warden, who controls the flow of weapons. Without you in the picture I stood a much greater chance of eradicating security which was my overall goal as was fitting for Fideal's hatred. It didn't spark much RP or story I will wholly admit, I did start shooting at others who were in security at the time, I requested a borg to leave before lighting them up and the nurse had a giant hammer so I was hesitant to put my guns down near them when I had initiated a clearly hostile situation. I ended up dying to said nurse after a brief skirmish in the locker room so that's where the story ended as it was near departure time, they couldn't do anything more with my body and I couldn't do anything more to give reason for my rampage. Had they not been there, the plan was to wipe security to stick it to them for being so 'high and mighty' as he stated over science channels when his subordinate questioned him as to why. When you fled, I also left the area, I didn't pursue you so as to give you time to mount a response and grab some gear. Targeting you was, again a tactical choice but was sheer coincidence that we found one another in security later, me having not seen anyone else so far. I am sorry that I didn't engage you much prior to shooting you in the face but had I done so, I would have lost that critical advantage which wouldn't make sense for someone planning to overthrow security.

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I don't see how or why you'd think it was a good idea to go with hating security. At the beginning of the round it was only me, Alex Collins; a traitor, and Donwell Clark on as ISD. Clark being a FR and not even a officer and if you rped with him even for a second you'd find out he couldn't hurt a fly even if it'd kill him. Garrett O'Brien didn't clock in till after after the whole situation with Collins and I was in medbay so left only me and Clark as actual ISD that were not traitors. How can you hate on such a low pop department? Low pop in general is NEVER a good idea to go balls to the walls. Collins did, yes, start a fight but he played pretty fair. He could have killed me easy on the bridge when we were bolted into the bridge together but instead he chose to flee and bring the fight to the armory.

You? You walked in with a mech and with little to no warning blasted me in the face out of no where. Because I was warden? Especially when my character hadn't done anything wrong to your character. I understand being a traitor gives you a little lee way but to go after and kill some one merely cause their rank despite their show of character is...kinda lame. Also you did help ISD. If you hated ISD so much, why did you help them? Why did you supply my character force gloves and support them? Why did you kill another traitor in the brig, in the armory? Sorry but to me that doesn't make any sense. Especially since you have the upper hand as an RD and had supplies to way stronger guns then anything in the armory. And a mech. You also had the captain ID and could go to places none of us have access to. You could have emptied the armory; you took the emp rifle, and done something way better then start a highly unfair mech vs crew fight. Also in the end you beat my corpse dragging it around while fighting a cyborg then dumped it into disposals to hide the corpse. Or rather, try to I assume.

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I was made a traitor later in the round, not immediately. I was made traitor after everything else had kicked off. I did take the EMP rifle first as a set-up to my assault. What you're saying is that I shouldn't have killed the warden first because they hadn't done anything to me? The ISD as a whole hadn't done anything to me and you were by no means understaffed versus what I had. The mech was deactivated due to science, evening the fight somewhat later on. I took you out first as it was the most methodical move to my end goal, are you trying to say that as someone with that stated goal, I shouldn't have taken the most logical course of action to complete it because you hadn't actually done anything against me? What should I have done instead? Hit a lower priority target who also hadn't actually done anything against me? If so what possible reason would I have to do such?

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Alrighty, I've looked through what's been said here again and I've also trundled through Nat's logs as well as the whole round's logs. I've concluded that there was not enough escalation/RP on calions behalf before shooting the warden with the mech. From what I gathered in the logs, Calion had not been openly antagonistic at all prior to this. I get that the warden is a pretty dangerous adversary as an antagonist, but that doesn't really excuse killing them without much in terms of previous escalation. In terms of roleplay, being disgruntled at security also doesn't really make it alright to shoot 'em without saying much. Where the idea behind the killing was valid, the execution of it was not. As an antagonist, you should aim to make the round fun and/or interesting for your victims. For example, you could have emoted holding them at 'gun-point' with the mech, getting some conversation and roleplay out of 'em before offing them.

I'm going to be giving @calion12 a severe warning for this. Specifically for not providing enough escalation or roleplay for killing the warden without much prior interaction. I've also ran all this past Tailson and he has no objection. Of course, if you wish to contest the warning I invite you to make a staff complaint. But for now, I'm going to be marking this as resolved.

Locking and Archiving.

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