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Player Complaint - Zechariah Thaddeus

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BYOND Key: ParadoxSpace
Game ID: bZr-cPpD
Player Byond Key: Who knows.
Staff involved: MelodicVoid
Reason for complaint: Zechariah, the roboticist, pretty much spent the round making turbo-kitted mechs for Security. This was in a mercenary/rev round in which the crew had been going on strike against Security/the mercs for firing everyone that's 'civilian', the presence of a fully-kitted Durand and fully-kitted Gygax making the round pointless for everyone but Security and the mercenaries in question.
Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes. The moderator told me nothing could be done (which is frankly absurd but okay.)
Approximate Date/Time: 3/25/2019, around 2:00 MST.

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They weren't saying it was an IC issue, they were saying nothing could be done about it (though admitting it was shitty.)
It was an issue because the presence of two fully-kitted combat mechs completely neutered any attempt at the crew revolting, and made the round entirely one-sided.

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It sounds like melodic felt it was kind of lame but not actually against the rules. I mean yeah it sounds lame to get stomped because the roboticist made stuff for sec but this does not sound like it broke rules. Roboticist would have been super valid though.

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Hello I play Zechariah.

Here is what happened.

The round was boring. I had nothing better to do. I wanted to get involved in the round, so the first thing I did to do that was make a Durand. I fully equipped the Durand, marched to Security, and asked for Job Security and to speak to the Captain. It was a big dick energy move, and the only fault of it was at the time I wasn't a rev, but I didn't see any revs recruiting anyone so I took matters into my own hands to make the round interesting. At this point, I believe the round was at the 1 hour mark.

Whoever played Lukas Chapman and the Tajara CSI can confirm this. My intent was to scare the Captain into keeping my job in case that I was a next target. This did not happen as the Captain did not respond to anything at all. I then went back to robotics, kept the Durand, then decided to make 2 Gygax's for security because I was bored. I equipped both of them with the following:

  • 1 exosuit control beacon
  • 1 laser carbine
  • 1 repair droid
  • 1 taser carbine

This was a very reasonable thing to equip them with. I could've gave them grenade launchers, shotguns, machine guns, general hell, but I did not. At the 1:40 mark, when nothing was happening, I gave the first Gygax to security. At 2:00, right near the crew transfer shuttle vote was called, I gave the second gygax to security.

My absolute intent was to get involved with the round some way and cause something like maybe a mech battle after the proper amount of escalation. The exosuit control beacons were placed in there for a reason, as I constructed an exosuit control console that allowed me to shut down and view the information of any mech with the beacon installed. If the revs contacted me, I would've been able to shut down all the combat mechs and give them new ones, like the Durand that I kept for myself. If the loyalists contacted me, nothing would change.

Despite myself being in contact with 2 goddamn revs in science and 1 in mining, 0 people talked to me about anything. I left myself incredibly open to get converted like a drone leaves themself open to get emagged by a traitor. The antags absolutely roleplayed with no one but command and security with their peaceful protests which I don't think they had the intention of being anything other than peaceful.

I believe my crime here is metagaming, as I was preparing for both situations where either sides would recruit me for rev or loyalist because I knew that the round was Siege given some earlier round-start dickery, and the central command messages.


So a tl;dr: I left myself open to get converted. I left my mech bay open at all times. I put in contingency plans in place where I could shut down exosuits at will. I also could change the AI laws. I could do all sorts of amazing robotics related things, yet no one seemed to really have the idea of roleplaying with me and then using my services to further their goal.

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Also another note, the gimmick itself was not every good. The gimmick was basically "Service and Cargo members are fired."

I have 0 motivation to feel sorry for service members. I was a roboticist. I could not give a shit if the priest or whoever was fired. As long as I get my materials, my research levels, and my paycheck; I'm a happy man. I had no reason to rise up because I just could not give a shit, however if you bribed me with money or whatever I would've joined instantly. If it was an extended round, I would've done the same thing except I wouldn't make the durrand, and I wouldn't have made the exosuit control console.

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