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Journalist Camera Drone for Increased Player Inclusion and Directive 11 Coverage


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Basically a small drone for the journalist with the following possible attributes:

  • Remote piloting available to the journalist via a console in his office or Journalist PDA.
  • Built in jetpack/jumpjets to move up and down zlevels with ease.
  • Video feed similar to merc helmet cameras with the ability to toggle the camera feed to the journalist alone or to a special live feed on newscasters where crew would be able to see live events as they unfold.
  • Access to most drone doors with the exception of high security areas or areas with reasonable privacy concerns; e.g. the bathroom, all dedicated offices, ect.
  • Radio transmitter for remote interviews.
  • Easily damaged so antags or people who feel hassled can incapacitate it.
  • ICly would be very expensive so that meaningless destruction would incur penalties. Replacement or repair possible via robotics or supply.

Thoughts? Concerns?

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how many levels of privacy does this breach wow

I like it though. What a beautiful meme. It shouldn't be expensive to replace, though, so it CAN be destroyed. It's just a camera on a drone assembly anyway. And it should probably require a journalist ID swipe so robotics and cargo doesn't use it.

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22 hours ago, Evandorf said:

Directive 11 is basically keeping crew informed right? Having a drone with camera access which could be viewed at newscasters would help a lot, IMO. 

Directive 11


Regarding Incident Management - Station Directive 11

To clarify the expectations of how emergency incidents are to be handled aboard the station.

During emergency incidents it is expected for departments to assist in the safe resolution of said incident and the recovery of standard operations. When it becomes clear that an significant incident is arising that could effect standard operations of the station or cause significant damange to crew or property, it is expected that (when possible) all on board personnel are provided with the following infomation:

- A brief description of the current incident.

- What steps have been taken so far to combat this incident.

- Suggested action for the crew to take.

- (If applicable) A brief description of the reasoning behind a change in alert level.

Exceptions to this include where the above information would compromise station security or safety. If this is the case it is expected that as much information as is safe to do so is dispensed for the crew.


Although not explicitly stated, command is usually the ones responsible for keeping the crew informed and determining what is too hazardous to be made public. However this does not discredit the role of the journalist, I am just saying that if you report anything you shouldn't which threatens crew due to this drone, directive 11 will not save you.

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Yes please. What can happen if it's emagged?

Also, let players follow it kind of like the camera console when following a borg, at the news caster if the Journalist enables it? That way say the Chef could watch the drama unfold from their kitchen live.

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