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Antag Roles Unban Request

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Total Ban Length: I think it was perma,not sure

Banning staff member's Key: ReadThisNamePlz

Reason of Ban: https://gyazo.com/a42d6bd426f7e18a18f6da162a0aae5c

Reason for Appeal: It has been a long time since i got banned from antag roles so im not completely sure what im talking about but here i go:

Looks like i got banned from doing non-rp antag actions multiple times in a row and then got banned (Perma?) and i really would like to get unbanned from these roles because playing as a normal person and doing stuff again and again is kinda boring but sometimes it is fun becuz it works like a dead by daylight survivor where im a normal person doing my job and need to survive from dangerous events aboard NSS Aurora while doing so.I think i can better as a antag now that i have some ideia of how to play antag roles,im gonna read the rules of the server again and make sure i dont piss on stuff again,so just give me another chance.

Getting back to the ban appeal:I really would like to get unbanned and if theres something i need to do just tell me,thank you for your attenttion.   PS:If theres no way i can get unbanned tell me plz :D

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