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Naomi Marlowe's Reishi Queen Winter Coat

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BYOND Key: Smifboy78
Character name: Naomi Marlowe
Item name: "Reishi Queen" Winter Coat

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

It's a personal keepsake from her previous adventures in Epsilon Eridani, where she was known by her band as "Queen Reishi" for her love of Reishi, of course. I think it fits in nicely with the lore, i.e. being a total dreg I don't think it would be that out-there to suggest she would wear something thats slightly out of regulation. (seeing as there are plenty of people who do that w/o custom items already) Although its just a coat. And she still has her jumpsuit under it. ?‍♂️

Item function(s): Togglable Coat Hood (same as winter coat)
Item description: A worn purple winter-coat. On the back, "Reishi Queen" is stitched on top of a skull patch. It reeks of Reishi.
Item appearance: All sprites have been created by yours truly, and are attached below. They are still WIP although they are fully sprited, Kyres1 is helping me test them.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?:

The coat is a symbol for Naomi's backstory and a device for those characters who haven't met Naomi to get a first impression of her. Ultimately, I want the coat to be able to drive interaction between Naomi and the characters around her. It's a great piece to start conflict, friendships, and start IC conversations that wouldn't happen if she were simply wearing, say, an Engineering winter coat. (suits grimacing, confronting her over it; other dregs complimenting her on it/forming friendships through a conversation that wouldn't happen naturally w/o the item)

Additional comments:

First time spriting (also im colorblind) lmk how I did! :D



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Full .dmi added, thanks kywes <3
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