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Player Complaint - Tomkiel

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Accused Players Byond Key:

Tomkiel (@tomkiel)

Time of Act:

20:00-ish GMT+4 (Dubai time)

Reason for Ban:

Tomkiel has shown himself to be a player who is very much against the progression and fun of the round, and what he may consider roleplaying only really seems to be beneficial for him and not for others. He plays security officer Marlowe Caldwell, and in this round in particular, he is a changeling. From my perspective, I had found the detective's dead body in the maintenance tunnels. Marlowe came, and I had asked him to instead help Willow Harper who had also found another dead body. Without any roleplay, and motive, Marlowe simply states "you're next" and begins wordlessly hacking me to death with his arm blade, I was able to react and run away but it wasn't enough to stop him.

I think it's also worth stating that @Lonely Caravan was the moderator who had responded to my ahelp during the round, he told me that the situation was resolved, but I didn't really get much more than that so i'm instead writing the report after.

This isn't the first round where Tomkiel has exhibited such behavior. In a mercenary round (i forgot the gameID, so most likely cannot be used as evidence), Marlowe and I had captured a mercenary (Ryang3310). We were attempting to interrogate him in order to find out any motive or information about him and his team. Marlowe instructed me to leave the brig and find the rest of the mercs, and as Ryan had described it to me in deadchat during this round, he "asked me what I was doing here, and then shot me in the head 5 times".

Every time I play alongside Marlowe, he has shown a tendency to want to find any excuse to engage in hostilities or "win" the round. In another wizard round (again, no gameID, i'm sorry), Marlowe was attempting to find any reason to hunt down and arrest the peaceful wizard (@ShesTrying) simply because she had boarded the station through unconventional means and could teleport around. I understand that aside from the report i've made for the current round that everything else is basically hearsay, but I think it's important to consider that I am not the only person who has had problems with this character, and that he is constantly trying to kill or win rounds.


GameID: bZE-cIEr

I sadly do not have evidence from previous rounds, and admittedly, I should've made a report about him earlier, but if you were to perhaps ask @ryang3110, @ShesTrying or other players who may have interacted with him, i'm sure you might hear the same response.

Desktop Screenshot 2019.04.07 -

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I had a talk with a mod and checked the notes, looks like they were spoken too and had a note added to their records. I do not think that any other action or ban is needed here. I will close and move this in around 24 hours.

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