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Rhazakal Rhazajun-Jawdat feedback

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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while i found the communistic comments overbearing and quite frankly annoying (not because of Jawdat, just that my country seems to try to be communist which sucks and i'm tired of it), he's grown on me a little. the communism memes on the relay are pretty funny and you should get more original ones. the bulletin updates are good too, very creative. i haven't encountered them in-game yet but on the relay they're a much needed break from the monotone hello hi's.

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Jackboot's making me review jawdat at knifepoint so... here's what I've got.

He's a pretend cat person who plays HoP, and leaves manifestos all over.  The pamphlets mention a lot of chapters but don't actually contain any of the chapters so it's just a placeholder made of LIES. What if I want to read stuff I've given, fucking politico-literary tease is what he is. Some head loremaster, can't even write a real multi-chapter political manifesto.

Uhm... other than that, he hasn't made any particular impact on me.  I hear people comment about him bullying their character about going on picnics or something, but none of it is really directed at me.

Oh, wait. I remember him once flirting with my HoS unathi then voting for cyborgifying with the other heads despite strong objections by my HoS, then tried to backpedal after the fact once he realized he had earned the disgust of his desired romantic interest, claiming he hadn't understood these principles were so important.

So I guess given these limited interaction I've had with him I guess I'd have to rate him as:
A milquetoast sort of dad-cat who professes to stand for causes but when there's actual resistance sort of caves in and goes with the consensus and tries to apologize for it later.  I guess in non-politically charged or non-dangerous situations he would be a cool guy to have a barbecue with, but he's not someone I'd want at my back when the revolution comes, unless it was a communist revolution, then maybe he could give someone a nasty papercut with his manifestos as he runs away to shout mean things at them from a distance.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Other than the chatting with your HoS being platonic because having a buddy is good (esp ones in command of an armed goon squad) your putting of jawdat on blast is spot on with how i try to maintain his personality and behavior. Thanks!!!

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Guest Marlon Phoenix
1 minute ago, VUX said:

Jawdat is a traitor to his species who kowtows to the biggest and baddest dudes on the block and is completely unapologetic about either of those things.
10/10 counter-revolutionary, I'd love to offer him a seat.



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