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  1. not being allowed to say dumb shit on the relay would probably kill it, i've been against CCIA moderating it for pretty much ever, and will be forever. extreme cases like death threats already have punishment from the IC Bubble source, but nothing has been outstanding enough to be passed onto the CCIA.
  2. you're really underselling what your presence in the devteam meant to all of us. the camaraderie we have is a big factor on why we all push to do our best, and i don't think we would've stuck together and as tightly if we didn't have such good leadership under both you and arrow. we butt heads sometimes, but i don't think there's any family that doesn't argue every now and then. i'm glad you're going to be hanging around the maincord (come to the relay too we have lizardbus), but your presence in the devteam proper will be sorely missed we're going to be just fine, though. despite all of our differing opinions, we're all on the same wavelength, owing to spending years trapped in the same code dungeon. and also matt would kill me if i PR something dumb good luck on your future endeavors
  3. almost gave me a heart attack you motherfuckers
  4. Matt and I have discussed combat skills. Both of us agree we don't want to make skills have a large impact on combat to the point where skills are needed to stand a chance. Personally, untrained combat character might be a bit weaker, but trained would be where we are right now, and maybe professional has extra QoL features like tactical reloads or whatever. Combat is largely still an OOC skill check, I reckon. We can figure out how it'll work out when we get to adding skills to combat, though.
  5. not entirely sure yet, i'll solve that problem in this PR by ignoring it. a followup with more brainpower applied to it will probably figure it out. in my personal opinion, i'd like to provide a single point pool that you can assign across all skills powergamers will be an issue regardless, the game will be balanced around people having various skill points in various places, so i'm not too concerned. the system is INCREDIBLY simple to use, so anyone can tweak it to balance it. antags could probably be given minimum skill requirements, if they don't meet those skills, their level will be bumped up upon being antag. we'll see, though fallout style skill selection for off-station characters, in-game skillbooks for traitors maybe? i'm of the opinion that it's way better to mechanically restrict people than to hope they adhere to rules. sure, there will be baseline requirements for jobs, but certain characters can have other minor skills, or someone can go above and beyond and be really good at their job and trash and everything else. kinda like how in RPGs, it's a roleplaying game but you can use skills to really flesh out the niche of a character in all, i was also heavily against adding mechanical skills, i figured it'd be a hamper on RP. but then I played on CM, and saw it had potential for characters to be fundamentally different based on their skills and past experiences, rather than just boasting about the skill literally everyone else can also do. so i can relate to people who aren't fond of the idea, but i'd heavily encourage you to try it out on something like CM or whatever
  6. Skills will be character based, not job based.
  7. IMPORTANT: This is a Geeves PR, not an Aurora Devs PR. I made this of my own volition, the dev team did not plan this. If the greater dev team wants it shut down, it will be shut down. With that out of the way- I jiggled our skill system thing around to be similar to CM's in the backend. At the moment, the PR only makes vaulting take longer or be faster depending on your athletics skill. In the future, difficult tasks such as surgery or hacking might require that you meet a minimum skill level, such as anatomy or electrical engineering. For now, this is what we got. The PR is actually pretty simple, but I figure having an avenue for discussion here would be good, if you have any questions for me or something. PR link: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12363
  8. googly eyes was my best addition to this server
  9. would there be interest in making it an opt in role for the warden, kinda like the merchant's assistant, where you press a button and a ghost role opens? if the warden cryos the prisoner can go cryo too, no sweat
  10. i'm pretty indifferent to either sprites, it's just a suit in my mind, but i think going for a more rugged aesthetic for the EVA and CE suit would be cool. i found some code for belt-worn hardsuits and the current CE one looks good to keep in for a more generic "basic" hardsuit that's basically just a piece of paper against the void of space if we want to maintain the sleek look, this could be inspiration for a more industrial look, something like this but without the playground slip 'n slide tubes actually now that i look at it that looks like a bomb-ass hardsuit item i want to steal it anyone who wants to tackle this can bounce ideas off me in DMs
  11. +1, i've had a couple of good direct interactions with Kathira as my own investigator robot i quite like investigators that aren't gung-ho action heroes that replace an officer should they fall, so i support this idea too
  12. PR updated, people who join and died / ghosted / whatever count as a full vote.
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    From the album: Cursed Dev Memes

  14. geeves

    Cursed Dev Memes

    A collection of the absolutely cursed things I encounter while trawling through the code.
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    From the album: Cursed Dev Memes

    To-Do: Documentation. Fear.
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    From the album: Cursed Dev Memes

    spawn sleep sleep break wrapped? open
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    From the album: Cursed Dev Memes

    For any intrepid contributors, the correct way to do this is to override the fill() proc and add the news below this, forgoing the ..(), sleep, and return.
  18. geeves


    From the album: Cursed Dev Memes

    Do we even use these anymore?
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