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Incident Report 04/26/2461

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Reporting Personnel: Daniel Carmichael
Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Security Officer
Game ID: bZX-ayuw
Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other)
- Charlie Medley, Security Officer: Offender
- Kaalii Rajaar-Akhii, Head of Personnel: Witness
- Kappa, Station-bound: Witness
Time of Incident: N/A
Location of Incident: Medical rafters.
Nature of Incident:
[ x ] - Workplace Hazard
[  ] - Accident/Injury
[ x ] - Destruction of Property
[ x ] - Neglect of Duty
[  ] - Harassment
[  ] - Assault
[ x ] - Misconduct
[ x ] - Other: Animal Cruelty
Overview of the Incident: Officer Charlie Medley had earlier in the shift attempted to remove the flooring of the communal brig, to 'pimp' it, and add carpeting. She was extremely combative when requested to return the area to its original state. Nearing the end of the shift, Officer Charlie Medley ingested drugs, likely 'happy pills', and announced as much over security comms, which was heard by myself, and Head of Personnel Kaalii Rajaar-Akhii- while an, at the time, unknown perpetrator was throwing test monkeys from the Medical Bay rafters. I arrived at the location to find it abandon, and all signs pointed to Officer Charlie Medley.  They hid, and did not board the shuttle to Central, at which point she vandalized the Medical bay, as was reported by Station-bound Kappa.
Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Shift was ending, incapable of pressing on-shift charges, nor consult command staff formally.
Actions taken: N/A
Additional Notes: N/A

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TO: Daniel Carmichael, Security Officer, NSS Aurora
SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report

This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and placed in a queue for the CCIA Division to review.

If necessary, you will be contacted by a CCIA Agent when an investigation begins.
DTG: 26-08:53-TAU CETI STANDARD-04-2461

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TO: Daniel Carmichael, Security Officer, NSS Aurora
SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report

This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to James Miller (NerdyVampire). You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions.
DTG: 10-13:26-TAU CETI STANDARD-05-2461

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