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[Accepted] Aboshehab Skrell Deputy Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: Aboshehab

Position Being Applied For: Deputy Lore developer

Past Experiences/Knowledge:

I have experience working with our staff team, and under people. I was a moderator before I became an admin and so on. 

I've worked with numerous lore developers and deputies either through creative suggestions or simple reviews.

I worked extensively with other teams as a Head Administrator, chiefly among them the lore team as I feel they are vital and the content they produce for the community matters.

I've created a number of lore items as my time as a Human lore deputy, though I did resign relatively quickly due to the fact that I both realized I was taking on too many duties and that others pushed that idea as well. 

I've cared for the quality of whitelists and have tried my best by pushing the bar higher, either by working with the teams themselves or reporting any major lore violations I've seen if trying to correct them did not work. 

While English is not my first language, I feel that my capability to write in English for narrative purposes is sufficient.

I've recently learned how to make maps from scratch. Might be useful. 

Examples of Past Work:

Lore applications


Tried looking for my other examples of systems but couldn't seem to find them. 














Wiki entries personally added. I've done a few fixes to other wiki pages and I'm familiar with using that platform.

I have also helped with a few events not counting the few that I've personally hosted, though that's really nothing compared to what Alberyk has done. 

Additional Comments: Instead of writing one essay on one topic, I wrote one essay for all four topics. I've never been fond of throwing everything out there, I like to leave a bit to the imagination when it comes to lore, so that the players and the characters can form their own opinions on things, just like us real people. Naturally, I don't intend to do anything drastic without testing the water.


I don't really have any interest in taking any major projects like I have in the past for anything long term. Perhaps the odd one there and there if permitted/asked, but my preference is remaining as a support role, what a deputy is supposed to be.

I have things going on that I don't want to go into detail about, but after some thought, I decided that I will most likely have the time to dedicate to this role. I'm not fan of using absolute terms when promising time as things happen.

I'm GMT +4. My times are flexible in terms of availability as well.

Edit: Decided to add some of my Skrell characters.


Weirup Vi'lees, a relative young Skrell that worked as security officer. Canonically he's professionally trained to handle synthetics and has aspired to be a Tup. He's taken different "martial" jobs that require a degree of thought as he aspires to be some form of a scholar warrior. He doesn't live a spartan life style, having his own wants and needs. He's changed slightly from being a very serious and to the point specialist in law enforcement in Biesel that is transitioning to corporate security to a very open and bubbly guy that tries to smile. He was still distrustful of synthetics but not in a way that screams "Ion them all!", he liked to check on them, read their records, maybe check for their tags when it was implemented, check their ID's and question them. 

Ghoasim, another relatively young Skrell that I employed as a Head of Personnel and then as a Captain. He had a fascination to the stars and would constantly visit elder skrells, asking them for advice and trying to earn their respect through minor or major gestures ranging from offering them his seat to expediting anything he can when it came to their work. He tried his best to emulate the elders too, sometimes speaking too short a sentence that needs him to repeat with more words. 

Verk I used to call him, I deleted him and don't have his name memorized. People used to know him as the red Skrell Director that was possibly unthical. He had a goal which he has never revealed to anyone nor have I as a player until now, which was trying to figure out literal immortality. He liked tinkering with biological things especially when it came to antagonist things that haven't been seen before as well as vaurca. Additionally he was the sort to go against the wave of other Skrell. A group of them pout when when they see a Skrell act a bit too close to a synthetic? You can bet he found it amusing and amused himself with them. 

Grimul Simuki, my teenage chief of mischief. At a time of only serious Skrell about, I made her. She likes to joke and have fun. She'd do some light pranks, she likes to take shiny things for herself. She was young, she didn't know better. Might've dipped into some pills as well. Imagine the poster child of a rebellious teen, that was her. She also liked to fake an older tone and language and trick people into saying she was an undercover member of command or central working as a cargo technician or engineering apprentice. 


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This work is less of an actual written work and more of general criticism and thinkpiece. The questions and points leveled are coming from the right place but they do little to actually help reach an answer.
It's true that you have done "all four" of them, but compared to the applicants you haven't done much at all. In fact, I feel like you have done the least in the regard of whitelist applications.
Yes, questions are important and yes some solutions were proposed but all of them were extremely vague and not really explored in any meaningful capacity.
You covered everything but in a very shallow way and I feel like this is the weakest essay out of all of them, in my opinion.

But as a person, I know you're dedicated and hardworking. As I said previously, the questions and criticism come from a correct place because I know you've cared about skrell lore even from an early time when it was nearly completely inactive in regards to development. I feel like this gives you a competitive edge as most of your competitors seem to have only started to take a deeper interest in skrell recently. Plus your old work is quite large.

Anyways, good luck with the application.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

This application has been accepted. Please give us about a day to properly process you into the team; VT and I are on wildly different schedules this week.

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