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[Accepted] Idris Incorporated

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Corporation

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): Whenever they were initially founded

Region of Space: Tau Ceti, Sol Alliance, Epsilon Eridani

Controlled by (if not a faction): Idris Family

Other Snapshot information: Just adding some extra flavour in the wiki page.

Long Description: 



Idris Incorporated was founded as pressure grew for a secure way to store Credits and have them transferable across solar systems. Idris Trust was at the time, one of the few banking institutions that offered interstellar services based in Sol, making them one of the most experimental, yet immensely convenient choices for business firms, especially centered around Eridani space. Under supervision from the Idris family, the bank grew astonishingly, as more and more large businesses and corporations noticed the need to expand and extend their influence across the stars. It was then when it was decided that they touch on other fields as well, and enter the stage of megacorporations.


Starting off, all of the most lucrative fields had already been dominated by firms such as Hephaestus Industries and Nanotrasen. As such, it was decided that a more commercial approach would be followed,  focusing on electronics, gadgets, and software. With enough effort put in, Idris Incorporated secured a moderate foothold in the Solarian and Tau Ceti markets, with its biggest hit being its new cybernetics and augmentation services on Epsilon Eridani. As the corporation developed, so did its banking services and figures, landing it the title of biggest bank in the known galaxy.


Meanwhile, Idris Incorporated has managed to secure a place in the service synthetic sector, creating its own software and a decent IPC shell frame production line, intended for use as clerks and customer service, while still famed for its outstanding human staff in the high end service sector, with many acclaimed chefs and mixologists to accompany the high brass on their business trips, and to sooth big deals.


The Idris Family

Founded by wealthy businessman William Idris, not much is known about the people behind the world’s largest human bank. Through the generations, the Idris would change their family seat from Sol to Epsilon Eridani, and from there branch off and expand to Mendell City, the current headquarters of the corporation. Erin Idris is the most famous for rapidly expanding the family bank to its new heights.


A very secretive family, the Idris never shared private information with the public. This has made them the subject of many theories by those who care enough. Their Eridanian connections appear to have enabled them to embrace heavy augmentations. The bright artificial blue light of the eyes, full coats, dark gloves and what appear to be bright cyan blood vessels on the necks of the most senior, fully retired from public eye family members, never fail to reinforce the feelings of abnormality and fear.


Despite their secret life, the Idris are known for their dubious deals and shady business, while perfectly maintaining the aura of outstanding, honest customer service they are so renowned for. It is no secret though, that when they feel their interests threatened, none of them would hesitate to adopt extreme measures. No few were the cases of “mysterious disappearances” of small rival business strongmen, or of “miraculous turnings” of problem customers, into ideal clients.

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Looks good, Peg and I will give it a full read over soon but seems like a fine addition off the cuff. It'll be spliced with another addition which will see Idris as the largest power producer in the known galaxy.

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