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Hello from Aphelion

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Hello Everyone. I would just like to say I am very happy that I have found a nice mix of action and roleplay on this server.
I appreciate you all very much, and have really loved the week I've been playing on aurora so far.
This is basically just an introduction.
The characters I play presently are...
Michael Suss

Desmond Rorig
Daniel Blaze
and a few less common ones.
I would love to hear feedback on how I RP if it's a bit much, or if my characters don't fit the setting very well, or anything really. Improving is nice.


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12 minutes ago, TyrannyYT said:

Interacted with Blaze multiple times as Flora. You’re fun to RP with and Blaze is always interesting to talk to. 

Thanks. Honestly I really enjoyed that RP the other night where Blaze was a reporter going full Nightcrawler on the station.
Paying you telecrystals to cause chaos was very fun.

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