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Khasan's bucket

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BYOND Key: alberyk

Character name: Khasan Mikhnovsky

Item name: battered metal bucket


Why is your character carrying said item to work?


Khasan was born in a zhan nomad family, and since his youth he has been a tremendous glutton. He always found two breakfast too little, and the glasses and bowls too small for his hunger and thirst.


His life changed when the People’s Republic decided that the ancient ways of his people had to change, and they were forced to settle. This broke his caravan and they scattered. Khasan found his way into the Adhomai Liberation Army, where he would fight to preserve his people's place in this world. There he was taught how to ride machines of war, instead of adhomian animals.


Among his comrades in the Nated’s army he learned many things. Such as how to mix a curious alcoholic recipe, a mixture of diesel, moonshine and whatever fruit they could find to add flavor. Such brew was made inside a metal bucket, that was also used for washing his company’s armored vehicle. Khasan would consume liters of the booze straight from the bucket, as well other liquids.


Khasan’s duties with the ALA ended with the battle during the evacuation of Das'nrra, where his company was annihilated when facing the PRA’s finest. All that was left, besides a burning wreckage, was the old bucket. The zhan then took it as his own possession, and left his position. Once more, his future and dreams were crushed by the iron hand of Hadii.


Khasan wandered into Crevus, where he lived for some time until finding his way into Tau Ceti. As a man of few possession, everything he has he carries with himself everywhere he goes. This is no different with his bucket, that now only serves as a oversized cup for his gargantuan appetite, and as a memento of different times.


Item function(s): It is a bucket.

Item description: A battered rusty metal bucket. It has probably seen a lot of use and little maintenance.

Item appearance: A rusty metal bucket


How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?


This demonstrate one of Khasan’s traits, his gluttony, since he prefer to consume a lot of food when visiting the kitchen, which already caused him to create some bounds with the service staff. He would hand his bucket, one of his few possessions, for the chef to fill with any of his requests, and such could spark a conversation or something curiosity of why he carries such thing.


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