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Automated SSD Player Removal


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I was thinking about how opening up a slot for an assignment in this game is non-negotiably manual. When you pick a job, you claim responsibility for the slot and are expected to open it up yourself for others when you're done. If you cannot take the minute it does to run off and cryo yourself, you should tell staff so that they manually remove you from the game.

I started wondering if there was a potentially simple way to automate this system and remove busy-work from staff while being in-line with lore and atmosphere. I'll list my ideas for discussion.

If bluespace is the answer, start a timer when someone goes AFK for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes(less or more) is up, the character is removed in a flash of sparks along with an announcement similar to cryo, saying that they've been relocated into cry via bluespace technology. The person could be loaded into cryo automatically or be deleted, and their stuff could be re-routed to a locker room. This could be explained with something hooked up to their jumpsuit, sensors, ID, etc(any and all). Imagine if an SSD person could sleepwalk themselves to cryo?

With the way things are, there's this sort of moral obligation to do this yourself to lift the strain from others putting up with you suddenly leaving the game and keeping a job locked down. I'm just wondering aloud if there's another way we could go about how we deal with AFK people and what we expect from them, or if it's the community's interest to even bother creating the code to accomplish this. People being able to opt out of the game whenever they want(closing it like any other application) without screwing over everyone that wants their job or stuff may be ideal.

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8 hours ago, Butterrobber202 said:

I don’t think this is that big of a problem. Most people Cyro when they leave, and the number of people that don’t are low.

I agree, but it's food for thought. Poofing anyone from the round like this wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing unless it took great effort to implement.

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As the others have said, it's not really a big issue, you have some every rounds, but it's not creating any problems.

When I play my Paramedic, depending of the SSD timer, I tend to drag them into pods or in a corner of medical for "observation" just to keep them out of common spaces. I pretty much consider it as narcolepsy.

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