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Roundstart spawn randomization

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Actually, I would instead prefer if we could specify our spawn locations even more - mainly, choosing between surface/main level cryo. Spawning at random places seems weird, especially for narrowly-specialized roles like scientist or medical doctor. Why would a chemist spawn at the circuitry lab, or a xenoarcheologist spawn at the firing range?

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I think the reason why everyone spawn in the same room in their departments, its because Heads are supposed to do a small "briefing". The head of security would inform the officers on how to proceed, like radio calld and stuff, the Director would tell the scientists what is their tasks of the day, and so on. Of course, not a head spawn in at all rounds, so it'd be nice when a head is not detected in a department, that the members would already be scattered in it.

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Scientists and their entire subrole categories can spawn in the breakroom. They're the only department with this insane variation to their roles.

But the rest of the departments pretty much share a "Standard spawn" Officers doesnt have a shitton of subroles and A to Z specializations, neither does medical, engineering or any other department.

You know what I meant :(

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