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:WARNING: Highly Augmented Tajara Experiment Gone WRONG

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This morning, photos were taken following an explosion of an Adhomai research facility, revealing a being escaping the facility.


It was a Tajaran head on a heavily augmented body, it is currently roaming free across the planet's surface facing very little adequate resistance. EMPs appear to have no effect on what is now being called MechaTajorsh.

Reporters who managed to transmit an interview before being atomized when the bio-synthetic monster sneezed on them have died in vain, the only frame being captured from the interview being the following, which thankfully was live-captioned.


The meaning of these words are still not known, but several of Adhomai's leading psychologists believe that the Tajara may have been experimented on without proper consent!


This has been Daniel Blaze of Blaze Times, Signing off.


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I kinda think if this was canon it would be like... Top secret Tajara Cybernetic Super-Soldiers.

Maybe due to their naturally superior reflexes, Tajaran brains and nervous systems make them ideal for cybernetic bodies.

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