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Jukebox: Lets dig up this corpse again.


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So, this has been suggested a billion and a half times. and I'm gonna suggest it again.

Fucking Jukeboxes with music in them. Get them set up for the bar, the library, wherever. Have them play local audioclips of various tunes. Would be quite pleasant for in game, and add a nice thing to relax icly with.

I'm well aware of the technical issues of coding this in, and blah de blah blah, but god damn it, we need some actual recreational things that aren't the holodeck and a pool that's just a fucking overlaying tileset.

We need things to boogie out to, man.



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I feel like the odds of someone sending us a cease & desist or DMCA notice are pretty low - especially since these are usually done by the publishers that hold rights to the music themselves. These people browse major file, video and sound-sharing websites, but would they really investigate one tiny server of the most obscure game there is, because they play songs sometimes on Friday nights?

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The main problem would be that the songs would be included in our code, a freely accessible download. Playing uploads of midi's and things would be fine. But having the songs in the code would be the main problem.

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Or... Well, on the other forums, I remember another suggestion was to have something that allowed you to input youtube links (or other music links); when someone put one in, it posted the link to nearby mobs, and also, you could see what was 'playing' by interacting with it. Yeah, it means the music's not playing in game, and it's more high-maintenance (can't tell when the music ends so you have to put in a new link every time-- or maybe be able to put in a timer?) but it serves about the same function.

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I believe those publishers will only come after you with cease and desist notices if you're actually making money off of the songs without their permission.

As Skull doesn't really accept donations, there's no money being made, and therefore no reason to expend the effort of sending a notice.


Copyright offenses are only pursued criminally if a monetary gain is made. As Scopes brings up, though, I'm not too sure about having the songs be in our open-source code.

What about the midis that admins are already playing? Where are those stored?

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They get uploaded from the client to the server and played, never stored.

I remember that topic's main issue was that the links would have to be checked by mods/admins every time there is a link placed, and we wouldn't want to spend our time listening to every link posted.

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All we'd have to do is check that it's not a video, or trust that players will adminhelp if something bad gets put in. And maybe have part of the check be, [character] selected [title]: [link] so that we know who put links in?

That or just have an adminlog for that sorta thing. People have the option all the time to put shit in OOC, looc, etc and don't. It's about the same thing, and I think our playerbase is generally responsible enough. And, again, if anyone's abusing it, we deal with them, just like any other instance of grief or bad.

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We can limit the code in such a way that will only let X.com domains work, since most people use youtube for things like that and it is the easist way most people share music. Stripping the audio file from the vid could be a bit of a problem. Getting a stream from something like soundcloud might be do able. But taking things from an online source and getting it spread to every client on the server might be a bit of hassle.

I will start looking into it, however I am still unconvinced about implementing it.

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Then that would be rather simple. However I would like to add restrictions to the websites that can be 'played'

And I just thought of something that I will add to this if It gets added.

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