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Incident Report - 06/05/2461

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Reporting Personnel: Vira Bolivar
Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security
Game ID: b1B-ddkl
Personnel Involved: 
Suzuul Guwan - Moderate Offender - Shaft Miner
Copper - Major Offender - Security Officer
Klaus Eliade - Major Witness - Captain
Julia Barnes - Major Witness - Research Director
Thea Reeves - Major Witness - Head of Personnel
Daniel Carmichael - Witness - Security Officer
Adrien Major - Witness - Security Cadet
Cooper - Witness - Internal Affairs Agent
Qrqil Qrrzix - Commanding officer - Reinforcing Captain
Real Time: 06-Jun-19, 4:06 PM-7:49PM EST
Location of Incident: General station, primarily over common communications.
Nature of Incident:
[ x ] - Workplace Hazard
[  ] - Accident/Injury
[ x ] - Destruction of Property
[ x ] - Neglect of Duty
[ x ] - Harassment
[  ] - Assault
[ x ] - Misconduct
[ x ] - Other __ 
Overview of the Incident: The shift started with a Vaurca Warform being deployed to our station as part of the Project Peacekeeper initiative.
To sum up the events in bullet points:
* The warform was delivered to cargo, and myself and Copper learned the initial limitations regarding the control rod and certain actions the Warform would take to fulfill commands, including [but not limited to] walking through walls to accomplish this goal.
* The appearance of the warform clearly intimidated the crew, but the situation mostly went without incident for awhile. The control rod was temporarily granted to Copper and Copper themselves was released to the direct service of the Research Director at the time to learn more about the Warform.
* Specifics were learned eventually by myself that the Warform was, unsurprisingly, bred to follow orders to their most literal interpretation and in order to be kept in check, the Warform relied entirely upon the control rod being within proximity and line-of-sight. It would obey any order from the control rod wielder, but if the control rod was out of sight, it would operate on its own to either seek its own sustenance, which was understandable considering Warforms are soldier Vaurcae at their core, and without relevant direct commands active, are conditioned to be able to operate on their own. The possession of the control rod also created contextual complications such as previously assigned orders no longer being valid if the person who issued them no longer holds the control rod. Ultimately, however, it was observed that if the control rod wielder was responsible and ensured the Warform kept pace within line of sight, the Warform never acted out maliciously on its own.
* Prior to the most grievous of incidents occurring due to wanton neglect and abuse of responsibility on the end of Copper, the corporate employee known as Suzuul Guwan would continuously refuse to stop complaining over communications regarding the matter. Specifics on what was said will be detailed below. They would also publicly admonish Central Command and were otherwise brash, inappropriate, inaccurate and unconstructive in their criticisms, to which the Captain Klaus Eliade ordered me to have them detained for sedition, communications abuse, and failure to execute an order (as they were told to stop talking numerous times), and slander.
* Copper, the major offender, eventually made the decision to conceal the control rod from sight, upon which the Warform acted out on its own in an attempt to seek k'ois for sustenance. Copper was detained and brought into custody, and the Warform itself was pacified when the captain found the control rod and commanded it to cease its destructiveness. I wish to note that only station walls were the only destruction caused by the Warform in an attempt to seek k'ois sustenance was a few station walls. Copper later testified that they willfully attempted to give the Warform free will to do as it wished. Considering the simplified nature and purpose of the Warform, this was a grievous form of misconduct and abuse of the responsibility I gave them. The captain initially attempted to have Copper dismantled and shackled as a station-bound, which by the nature of Copper's offenses and the potential harm that could've come if anyone were to have been in the way of the Warform, was completely justified from a legal standpoint. The captain changed his mind later and opted to have Copper held until transfer instead to be judged by a legal government judiciary.
* Eventually, I was given the control rod, being a loyalty implanted person, and was instructed by Klaus Eliade to be the only individual to hold the control rod. It is important to note no further incidents arose from my wielding the control rod, as I never gave orders to destroy, sabotage or undermine NanoTrasen assets/personnel/interests. The only damage caused was a few walls in the station, which was otherwise quickly remedied by an engineering response, and such station sabotage/vandalism was caused by the deliberate neglect of Copper failing to be responsible in their duties. 
* After the various testing measures and questioning was completed, we had the Warform board the cargo shuttle to be sent back to its Hive, and the staff itself sent back with it. Once again, without further incident or issue from the Warform. The crew transfer shuttle was also underway.
* For the duration of the shift, the Guwan also continued to abuse communications while sitting out in the vacuum of space. They were not initially pursued due to the dangerous nature of the asteroid and the likely fruitless venture of sending officers out into EVA in order to commence a manhunt. The individual refused outright to submit themselves into custody, citing they were 'terrified' despite openly and willfully lambasting Central Command, Command itself and the Security Department for trying to keep order. The individual never sought out information to acquire an accurate and fair summation of the events as they actually occurred and would instead openly undermine the integrity of the aforementioned groups as their means of venting frustration. The IAA then requested (not ordered, I did not have to give the Guwan temporary immunity from consequence at all and I also chose not to renege on my word to detain the individual when they appeared anyway, despite being justified in also doing) I give them temporary legal immunity, to which I only obliged as it would be the only way to get them to return to Central Command onboard the departures shuttle.
Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: The situation was covered with Klaus Eliade and was also detailed in full with the IAA Cooper.
Actions taken: Copper was held until transfer. The Guwan was only not arrested because I agreed with the IAA's reasoning to bring the Guwan back to Central Command to be held accountable for their awful behavior without incident on the security department's part.
Additional Notes: The following is a non-contextual but an otherwise exhaustive list of statements I received from a request to the telecommunications monitor that was made:

[Common]Suzuul Guwan says,  "Sso, wasss no one going to tell me the fucking Peassekeeper Project isss a fucking "WARFORM?!
[Common]Suzuul Guwanasks, "Iss Sssentral collectively fucking retarded?"
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Imagine a Vaurca."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Now imagine itss 20 feet tall, and a walking tank."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "They have a warform, on sstasssion. Becaussse Ssentral issss fucking ssstupid."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Yeah, i'm not coming back inssside now. Not until that fucking thing issss off ssstassssion."
[A live-fire test was announced and two Hephaestus GIs were delivered to the station to test the Warform's combat capabilities.]
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "What the fuck doess thiss mean."
[Common]Suzuul Guwanasks, "On a fucking sspassse sssstasssion?"
[Common]Suzuul Guwanasks, "A fucking live fire on a ressssearch sstassion?"
[Common]Suzuul Guwanexclaims, "Yeah, not Warform live-firessss ON the fucking sstassion!"
[Common]Suzuul Guwanasks, "Do you think a bomb in a sssafe tesssst area and THISsss are the sssame fucking thing?"
[Common]Klaus Eliadesays, ""we are a research station that has developed explosives and weapons for years.
[Common]Suzuul Guwanasks, "Do you think they're the ssssame thing?"
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Who let thisss guy be a Captain."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Sshut the fuck up, pig."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Yeah, sssstop complaining about thingssss that're obvioussly ssstupid."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Imagine being sso fucking ssstupid assss to invite Warformss on a sssstation. Esssspesssially a sssstassssion they've maimed people on before. And doing a live fire tessst, in the middle of that sssstasssion."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "I really wissh I could have thisss level of incredible ssstupidity. Every day would be a new adventure."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "No one worth lissteningssss going to hear it there."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "After all. What're the minerss going to do about a warform, right? Keep them in their little bokss."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Let them cry in their little bokssss together. Doessssnt matter."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Tough sssshit. People need ssomeone to take the lead and ssssay thiss issss beyond ssstupid."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Ssssentral Command needsss to reevaluate who they have in charge."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Captain can ssuck the fat end of my tail."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "What're you going to do."
[Common]Suzuul Guwanasks, "Write an IR about ssomeone that doessssnt work here?"
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "I'll sstop complaining when there issssnt anything like a fucking warform, or a live fire tesst on a ressssearch ssstassion. In the middle of the hall."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "If a baby issss what you call ssssomeone who hass half a fucking brain sssell, sssure. Rather be a baby than sssticking my tongue sstraight up whoever the fuck runsss Project Peasssekeeper'sss asssss."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Then ssstop me, bootlicker."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Live fire tessstsss. In the middle of the hall."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "With thossse thingsss."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Plenty of people brownosssing. And ssssomehow, would you believe it, they're all ssecurity."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Ahh, but dont complain. Or elssse Ssecurity getss uppity, thinking their people are real upssset."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "I refusse to come insssside while that warform isss on sssstasssion."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "I refusse to come insssside until Bolivar can tell me, I am not to be arressssted for being correct."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "Ssssecurity doessnt feel like working out that I am only guilty of one breach in regulassssionss."
[Common]Suzuul Guwansays, "I've been trying. But neither the Head of Sssecurity nor the resssst of Ssssecurity wisshesss to work with me."

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TO: Vira Bolivar, Head of Security, NSS Aurora
SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report

This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and placed in a queue for the CCIA Division to review.

If necessary, you will be contacted by a CCIA Agent when an investigation begins.
DTG: 06-13:39-TAU CETI STANDARD-06-2461

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