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Raider/Loadout uniforms

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A few outfits I made for raiders to spawn with, and for some to be used in the loadout.




This first one. Probably some small PMC firm uniform, it's been disbanded.




Pirate replacement. It's silly looking, yeah. But I like it.





Camouflage t-shirt, and combat pants.




Some rogue space pilot outfit. No helmet. Just special boots and gloves.




Prospector's overalls and workshirt.


Give suggestions for different outfits, or suggest changes to these.




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Curious, could some of the shirts of these outfits be added to the loadout as accessories as well (akin to the current dress shirt accessories), such as the vertical striped shirt of the very first outfit? I'd kill for a good, striped button-down shirt with some rolled sleeves like that. Bonus points if the accessories retained the undershirts beneath the main shirts as well, so one needn't bring two shirt accessories to recreate the look with the various pant-styles.

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