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[Processing] Sexy Sol Stuff

Dea Tacita

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BYOND Key: Dea Tacita

Character name: Keegan Inglehart

Item name: Sol Alliance Uniform Jacket & Sol Alliance Beret

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Keegan is a profound supporter of the Sol Alliance and its goals, almost entirely without reservation. This is primarily due to her growing up in the Alliance's foster system and as such her having a keen sense of loyalty to her Nation, which literally raised her from childhood.

Upon the age of maturity, Keegan enlisted into the Sol Alliance armed forces (Specifically the Army) and earned her engineering education via a program in that branch. Through the Alliance and it's programs, she's risen from an orphaned little girl on Earth to an engineer, something she more-than-likely wouldn't have been able to do in another nation. So she's eccentrically proud of her service to the Alliance, and likes to at-least wear her beret/jacket when it's appropriate


Item function(s): Labcoat without buttoning/unbuttoning function and a hat. Pockets for the coat would be nice.

Item description:

Jacket: A semi-formal Sol Alliance Uniform Jacket, it looks to have three-chevrons of embellished gold on the base of its sleeves.

Beret: A Sol-Alliance blue beret fitted with leather edging. It has a Tan-gold star pinned to it.

Item appearance:




Additional comments: Sam is awesome for making the Icons.

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Can we implement this uniform into the game permanently some how? I want a blue baret.


I do have lots of stuff for the Sol Mil (that I can show) I just need to finish, do inventory sprites, and then pursuade skull to put it onto the server branch of the code. xD (But I know he will say no because it has a high chance of being unused fluff. xD )

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Can we implement this uniform into the game permanently some how? I want a blue baret.



NUH. You can no has my beret.


Dea, I will have my characters pin yours down, tickle them, make them confess that I am the superior being then steal your baret and run RUN.

Plz don delete meh.

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