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Furrycactus' Developer (Mapper) Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username:

Discord Name:

Position Being Applied For: (coder, mapper, spriter):

Past Experiences/Knowledge:
I used to experiment with mapping on TG code a few years ago, which is where I got the foundation of my mapping knowledge, but I've gained most of my knowledge and experience from doing various contributions on Aurora.

Examples of Past Work:

Probably my biggest works have been doing the current layout of Atmospherics, the remap of the Medical department, and the more recent Beach map for the company picnic event.

Additional Comments:
While I find mapping very enjoyable, and would love to commit to doing it more as a member of the development team, I'll be the first to acknowledge that I do occasionally have somewhat notable oversights from time to time with my projects (i.e., accidentally leaving an air alarm in space (oops)), but I think, or at least would like to hope, that I've improved and will continue to improve on not doing things like that by mistake. Though I can totally understand if stuff like that is a massive concern.

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Joshie has helped me out a ton when I was struggling with DM, and I don't think I would have done what I've done for Aurora if he hadn't inspired me to do so. He knows mapping inside and out and has helped me out with it countless numbers of times. Joshie wants the best for Aurora, and I don't even need to prove that statement, it's crystal clear. He's shown his competence by completely making a huge event map that everyone enjoyed from scratch. Big +1.

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