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Ikky's Unathi Whitelist Application

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BYOND Key: Donofnyc3

Character Names: Ika Thane

How long have you been playing on Aurora: About a day, which makes this very, very bold but I have my reasons!

Species you are applying to play: Unathi

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Dawrwililian at 116/198/156 if this RBG scale if of any truth

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes! Infact I actually wrote Bay's which is very similar to Aurora's

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Being a migrant from Bay, I feel very, very neutered stuck playing my old humans and without the species access to my old unathi characters I just don't feel that /invested/ in my RP.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Like said above they're amazingly stubborn in the face of easier or more sane paths, and have the cultural upbringing of not be afraid to lay down their life to be the better or more honorable person in a conflict, and it shows in their warfare and lifestyle.

Physiology-wise they're tall, their sternum and trunk region is built to withstand blows and protect vital innards and their sensory is dependent on visual and scent. They're cold blooded which means their habitation is important for survival and metabolism. Their scales are thick to protect against natural hazards and predators, though this protection doesn't translate well against vibroblades or heat-axes.

Why does this species in particular hold your interest? I honestly find humans boring, I play a lot of tabletop games and my first question will often be at chargen: What fun, actually different in anatomy or perceptions species/mutant/xenos can I play? Does it mean I can tend to snowflakes a bit? A... Little, yes. Why I want to play Unathi? I adore their stubborn, patchwork, batshit ballsy approach at life. Where every other species will take the path of least resistance and change over time Unathi will adamantly stick with what /works/ despite what's better or easier.

Character Name: Unwani Rimirdalv

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs: Unwani's old clan name and origins stem from a settlement in the temperate south polar region of Moghes made of high built and aged precursor walls and buildings overgrown by flora and jungle. Hailing from the engineering clan Ou'weesa prided locally for their ability to retrofit and understand precursor tech for everyday utility and use giving Unwani a healthy exposure to machinery understanding growing up.

What would prevent him from taking his father's mantle and starting his own family would be a string of faintings and other weaknesses soon identified by their doctors as 'scale rot', an autoimmune genetic illness that was known as terminal. Choosing the path of Gladuim to die with some dignity, he had left his possessions to his clan aside from a single vibroblade claymore and food and water, spending at least two years challenging bandits and beasts hoping to die in bloodshed.

Eventually he stumbled upon mercenaries from the Sol medical corporation of Hellstrome in hire by the city-state of Dwiane to root out slaver outcasts and had linked up with them to help, once again this campaign hadn't gotten Unwani killed like he would have liked ...Yet he had taken a shuttle back with the Hellstrome forces to enroll in employment with their company where he was given a second chance at life.

By then his legs had been heavily atrophied from Scale Rot and were replaced with company prosthetics, aswell as his heart which was given filters to catch and limit the amount of T-cells in his blood heavily slowing the autoimmune illnesses' progress. In the next ten years he worked in Hellstrome as a 3rd party contract employee hired to other settlements and corporations through them for limited periods as each contract dictated, which is how he has come to work with Nanotransen. In that time he's gotten an associates' in Neurology and Synthetic engineering and currently lives on New London on Mars

What do you like about this character? In full honesty? Unwani straight up started as a Batou expy, then eventually grew into something else. Someone who's an absolute hedonist terrified of death, So intent to live life as fully as they can and hopefully extend or immortalize it as much as possible, a fear brought on by a very real and terrifyingly slow near death experience.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? I make the biggest special snowflakes and yet /somehow/ make them plausible I'm told. I'm the sort of guy who makes a delusional Tengu in Pathfinder who thinks they're a dragon and it meshes well with the party, or makes someone with a male Fury morph in Eclipse Phase that looks like a dinosaur and turns it into a social camouflage pretending to be a smart pet while keeping in mind the testosterone poisoning it causes. I know advertising oneself as a maker of special snowflakes isn't the best thing ever, but I rather be honest rather than flatter myself.

Notes: The last name Rimirdalv is due to the fact he swore off his clan name not expecting to need it on a death quest, when that didn't work out he picked it as a surname out of a book of all things, it's not something he's proud of...

I also have art of him!



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I played with Ikky for two years on Baystation and can advocate his ability to play Unathi well. He also is Baystation's Unathi lore master, and I feel seniority on the server is something that doesn't need to be considered here. He is quite capable of playing lizards well; he wrote the lore for them on Baystation, after all, and I don't see him abandoning Aurora.

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For what little it's worth, I can vouch that Ikky is one of the better/best roleplayers I've had the honor of playing with over the last two years. Does he do snowflake? Yes. He takes a concept of a character, often with a few strange quirks, and makes it into something beautiful and wonderful to behold in its entirety. He isn't afraid to tackle difficult questions, and he's always willing to compromise if something just doesn't outright make sense.

Both of the lizards I've seen him play, Oen'g Issek and Unwani Riverdelv, outline very different aspects of Unathi culture and lore while still remaining very distinct, interesting individuals. Seeing them on Aurora would be a net benefit to the server.

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I had heard a rumor that people from bay had been migrating over to Aurora.

Welcome! Here at air Aurora we offer only the highest quality service to players of all ages, including, but not limited to, hidden weekends, slime escape artists, Lord Singuloth, meowfia, LOOC fights, organised workers unions, Satanist chaplains, cindi-cakes, slow flakes, heartbreak, lesbay, humorous exchange and much much more.

Air Aurora wishes you a pleasant stay and wishes to remind all players that you can log out any time you like, but you can never leave...

Seriously though, great app. Scale rot, love it.


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Honestly, I was happy that the security murderlizard population had died out at this point. All of them had either been demoted at least once, had a character complaint or had a habit of chewing on monkey heads to provide needed nourishment.

As long as your character doesn't have similar habits I'm perfectly fine with seclizards. Snowflakes are one thing, but yeah, this is far from snowflaky for different reasons. If you're gonna be like that, please don't. We have enough of self-destructive snowflake characters.

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