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[Accepted] GlasgowSmiling's Plantperson App [Diona Whitelist Application]

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BYOND Key: GlasgowSmiling

Character Names: Leif Bilrost, Ka'Akaix'Viz C'thur, Nugyen Thanh, Fatima Hassan

Species you are applying to play: Diona

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Exempt.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes!



Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. 


Why do you wish to play this specific race: 

I’ve got a soft spot for plant-people, truth be told. I don’t see very many of these dudes walking about and I’d love to fill in that gap! I’ve got experience playing ‘unique’ personality types and I feel that that’s what’s needed for a Dionae. Their lore is also fascinating and their close ties to the Skrell offer fun and interesting roleplay opportunities.


Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: 

The dionaea are gestalt-conscious creatures, with the exception being their most base form (the Diona nymph). When considering what one would do, it’s more akin to figuring out what all would do. One has to keep in mind that their thought processes are essentially a democratic discussion held at an incredibly fast pace (but still long enough to delay response, hence their ‘slow’-seeming nature).

What’s also so unique about this race is that they are capable of surviving in just about any environment provided that they have access to, at the most basic level, radiation in some form or another. On top of their abundance of means for survival, they also show a remarkable capability for intelligence - even a single nymph is capable of the complex task of speech, or at the very least understanding it. 

Furthering the topic of language, Dionaea are capable of learning languages merely by ingesting the genetic material of a species; a feat no other known species in the Orion Spur are capable of doing. Their sheer capability of language-acquisition can be considered paramount to successful diplomacy and could be considered a large part in their success as a sapient species. From my understanding, however, in order to maintain some degree of fairness in regards to in-game mechanics, player Diona past the stage of nymph do not have access to this ability. While lore-wise they may also obtain vague memories or details about a person from sampling DNA, these are more akin to inane facts like a person's favorite food or musical artist. 

Character Name: Connie (nickname), Consonance of Children (ID name)

Please provide a short backstory for this character 

Consonance of Children is a station-grown Dionae cyclops that was formed over time as their various caretakers cultivated more Nymphs. They remain aboard the station by choice, as they see the constant crew-changes as a never ending source of experience and companionship. In order to remain helpful, they have taken up work as a cargo technician - also seeing this as one of the better ways to maintain contact with everyone on the ship. After all, everyone needs something and the cargo bay is the place to get it.

Connie’s name is the result of their individual Nymphs having been treated much like children by the various gardeners and hydroponicists that have inhabited the station. While each held a unique name relating to whatever they had fixated upon after ‘birth’, their combined name was decided upon because of their shared history in relation to the station. This has resulted in a Gestalt that holds an immense love and respect for the station as well as all of its inhabitants, whether they are personally acquainted or not. 

What do you like about this character? 

This is a character that holds a deeply personal connection to the Aurora, beyond it just being a place of work. To Connie, the Aurora is their home and the people working inside are their family. Although they may not have a very important job when compared to a doctor or a scientist, to them it’s the best thing they could ever wish for - they remain ever useful. 

How would you rate your role-playing ability? 8/10 - I would say I’ve improved a lot in the years while silently skulking about in the station. I always try to prioritize roleplay over mechanics, which is why I tend to avoid roles like the doctor or engineering, even though I do love atmos.

Notes: Hopefully the “station-bred” thing is okay! I was on the wires about it for a while, so if I need to change it that’s totally fine. Also, if I need to flesh out the background more let me know!

EDIT - 7.9.19 - I’ve expanded upon their unique characteristics as was requested, but I am on mobile so it probably looks like a larger amount of text than it really is on my end. Hope this helps showcase my understanding of the species! (I also corrected a lingering typo in regards to Connie’s name, shh)

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Application accepted.
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After a busy weekend and letting this sit a little in hopes of seeing others post feedback, I think it's time to take a look, @GlasgowSmiling!

So far, although there isn't much in the background but that's good. It's understandable that it's short as their life has also been relatively short, so they don't have much to their story. Seeing how most Dionae will latch onto a specific thing as an interest or passion, I take it that Connie's is caring for their "family"? Love the name and their nickname by the way, it's very unique and fantastic to see something so unusual! But, it fits right in. Do you think that they might have any future pursuits that they might eventually wander into one day, such as nursing?

To be honest, your entire app is surprisingly the shortest application that I've read, but pleasantly acceptable. Congratulations for that, as with how picky I am I never thought I'd see the day! I also appreciate your wanting to play them purely for the aesthetics more than the mechanics- that is a worry that a lot of the non-Dionae players have to deal with and often groan when one joins for any number of reasons.

My biggest problem here though is that there is a lack of display here in the way of what you know on what makes them different from other species. You've only shown that you know one aspect of them- can you expand on their other ones for me?

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Sure! I went ahead and edited the original post.

I was actually also figuring out where they would fit into in the future, and I was either considering medical or (surprise, surprise) botany - definitely trying to cater to their nurturing aspect.


I also forgot to tag you, @Neinbox, sorry!

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Honestly, from what I've seen with how long you've been with us, you're no troublemaker, and your newer additions and answers are satisfying enough to me. It also has a uniqueness to it in the naming, which is personally a bonus (no, I do not judge the app off of, I'm sorry everyone).

And I'm curious to see what people think of a Dionae approaching them to be called a human name too! Overall, great job, Glasgow.


Application Accepted.

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