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Restricting Ghost Vision on Derelicts

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Some of you already saw that PR and commented on it:

The PR prevents ghosts from teleporting to the derelict "area" or moving around freely on the derelict.
It still allows ghosts to follow players on the derelict while giving ghosts the default vision of human mobs.

This will encourage the IC exploration of the derelicts and will serve to retain the surprise factor when explaining them, as you can not be sure what exactly to expect unless you were there and saw it.

It will also allow us to setup secret content on the away missions, that is usually not available and has to be found via IC means.

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On 06/07/2019 at 03:12, Shadow7889 said:

Assuming this isnt the case for staff? Might get in the way of our duties. 

I briefly glanced over the code and it does indeed check if the player in question is a staffmember, so it should be fine. 

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