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Yonnimer's tree deputy app

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Ckey/BYOND Username:


Position Being Applied For: (Species Maintainer, Wiki Maintainer, Lore Developer, Deputy Lore developer):

Dionae lore deputy

Past Experiences/Knowledge:

I don't have much past experience with writing lore. I do have experience with working as a mod/admin for the server though. I have also helped pitch some suggestions to nein about some new features and little lore things, most specifically the splittable nymph feature, with lore ideas to go with it.

Examples of Past Work:

As said in the last question. I don't have much past work, aside from suggestions to nein about little lore bits and feature-suggestions. Two I could think of off-hand would be a suggestion about the detachable nymph limbs, and a thing about stores/online shops that sell blood for nymphs for specific jobs.

What do you think about your creative/writing ability?

I have issues with writing at times if I write too fast, but usually if it's something that isn't a chat, it usually is fine. I'd say in actual creative writing, I'd say i'm decent at it, but not the best. If there are any issues I have with it, I'd hope to improve.

How is your ability to work with others?:

I'd say fairly decent, given my current work as an admin for the server. I can't say I've had any major incidents with any fellow staff outside of minor arguments/debates. I'd also say i'm generally friendly with non-staff as well, hopefully in a way we could work together if needed.

What is your philosophy about lore in general?:

Personally? I think lore should explain the species's history, why they are the way they are, culture, religion, all that. As well as their biology and how they work. All this in something that is easy enough for someone to read and understand.

What do you think you can do for the lore?:

I'd hope i'd be able to help expand dionae lore, answer questions new people have. As well as hopefully help with some of the cross-species things that need to be answered with them, like how they live in jargon, and languages they can speak in and the like. I'd also hope to be able to help the other lore-team members if they did need any with anything.

What do you like about the lore as it currently is?:

Dionae lore specifically? I like the details about them, and how the lore represents them as something truly alien, which to me at least, other species don't feel alien really. Not as much as dionae at least.


Overall lore? I like the details each species's pages go into it, and how easy it is to read and understand it in most cases, making it easy to play them while following lore.

If you could change anything about the lore, what would it be?:

Dionae lore specifically? Not much I would want to change, but I would like to add more details to certain parts, like how they live in different nations.


Overall lore? I'd probably want to see more lore about species expanding into the fronteir of the fronteir, into uncharted space and all that. Maybe see a species or two added in lore, but not shown in the server itself outside of possibly event only stuff, or maybe merchants. I'd also like to see, as said in the other question, a bit more aliennes in the species we have.

Additional Comments:


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Well, one thing I would like to get added to the wiki would be dionae in and from other nations, most specifically jargon.

This would include if they would be paid differently, how they were treated, difference in rights, languages they would speak (hopefully, given other species's devs approved of them knowing other species languages). As well as how a dionae may act differently  if they came from a different nation. This would all hopefully help add some more creativeness with dionae characters, since you don't usually see a dionae from jargon,  meanwhile in current lore, there would probably be plenty who did.

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Dionae and skrell have a large amount history together compared to most species's interactions with other species, being they are technically the first two to discover each other, but not much of this is represented in lore currently,  only minor tidbits. I'd hope to see their history together, interactions together. and how different dionae life might be in jargon compared to human space added to expand on their history, and hopefully more character ideas players could make from this.

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Those questions are repetitive as I have already asked something similar for the applicants to answer above as well as in private, and they have already provided the answer. Additionally, the applicant is a whitelist holder and we have both discussed Dionae backgrounds before to where I am satisfied with their knowledge.

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While people hold different reasons for not wanting to play them, i'd say there are two major reasons.

The first being a lack of real involvement in the lore and universe. They aren't really a species you see actively in the lore-news. Even on station you don't really see them actively participating in a round's events as much as much other species would, seeing they don't really have a reason to, given the way the species is. They aren't participants, they are observers.

The other major reason i'd say is their lack of real representation on the server by players. For about a year there was really only one dionae you'd see oftenly, which even then, they weren't really a dionae that would want to make you play the species, then for a while there were just no dionae on the server at all for a bit, until the numbers have started to rise in the past few months.

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