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Regarding resisting handcuffs, and issues regarding security processing

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Someone asked me recently whether or not resisting handcuffs constitutes as resisting arrest. Apparently there's a bit of confusion about this, but I won't make this needlessly complex of an answer: It depends on the context.

Politely or even firmly refusing to be handcuffed by a security officer while complying to follow the officer to the brig is NOT resisting arrest.
Refusing to be handcuffed while also refusing to accompany the detaining officer to the brig IS resisting arrest.

This is particularly pointed at confused officers who don't know whether to cuff or not, but the main point of arresting someone is to bring the specific person to the brig. Handcuffs are a means of reliably carrying that out, but only if absolutely necessary. If someone is up for detainment/questioning because of their involvement with a mild, non-violent crime, and they agree to tag along behind you to the brig, you do not need to handcuff them. Handcuffs are just a tool, use them when the situation calls for it like any other.

Do note that someone who agrees to come to the brig to be processed for specific crimes does not reserve the right to deny being searched in processing. If you're in processing for a crime that you agreed to either comply for a fine for, or you want to do the time, you have essentially surrendered to security, and certain parts of your property may be taken if and only if it had to do with the crime you committed. Security is not allowed to take things that do not qualify as contraband or as specific evidence to a case. If an assistant is being pulled into the brig only for radio comms abuse, security is not to take their insulated gloves or tools. That is theft.

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51 minutes ago, Scheveningen said:

if and only if it had to do with the crime you committed. Security is not allowed to take things that do not qualify as contraband or as specific evidence to a case.

I just want to highlight this because i see it happen a lot and nobody even ahelps it. Stop stealing tools from janitors and assistants. No you cannot confiscate insulated gloves either. 

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Just wanted to add something in case people forget. This should not be an OOC issue. This is a purely IC issue that should not be ahelped unless literally everyone involved disregards it. While I fully agree with the assistant + insulated gloves example. There are scenario's where similar situations are not okay. See: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Guide_to_Contraband This guide really needs to be taken with a large grain of salt. It leaves a fair amount of the non-antag related contraband upto common sense and interpretation of the acting officers. Rather than just a PSA like this, which I support fully.

I have seen this happen far too much as well and would like to see the ISD self regulate instead of tolerate.

I think better results can be achieved by updating the guide to contraband than only having a PSA.

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