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[ACCEPTED]Roostercat's Vaurca Application

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BYOND Key: (byond key) Roostercat12

Character Names: (character name)  Riley Crixx - Bartender

                                                           Emerald With Zen (Diona) - Xenobotanist

                                                            Aaron Whirlow - Forensic Technician

                                                            Derek Williams - Surgeon

                                                            Osmund Bedford - Used when I want to play AI or Borg at roundstart, otherwise Cargo Tech

Species you are applying to play: (species name) Vaurca

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: (Color of your character; Dionaea & IPCs exempt) RGB 61, 0 , 0

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Y

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race: (One paragraph minimum) 

I see the Vaurca as one of the most, if not THE most, interesting species on the server for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, they follow what is essentially a hivemind, Which I find fascinating as it can open up opportunities for RP when faced with another Hive member, Such as communicating over the Hivemind when faced with a problem while the two of you are separated. Secondly, I like the fact that they specialize in ways, With workers being used for, well, labor and research and things along those lines, and soldiers handling most defensive duties. I enjoy and admire the fact that the two are not a simple title difference, but actually different biologically. As well as the noticeable gameplay differences between the two types ( Not counting the breeder). Third, I have spent a good deal of time looking over the lore on the wiki and find it interesting how the hives interact with one another, along with the shortcomings of each one and the advancements of another. I also find the Idea of VR Paradise to be a very interesting Idea that threw me off at first. All of these things combined make me feel it could be a very interesting race to play with as their behavior can be a multitude of things.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: (One Paragraph minimum)

Aside from things like EVA capability, the fact that warriors can bite and take less damage ( workers dealing with radiation better as a tradeoff for no biting), And the fact that  they bleed a bit more than humans, I like the fact that they have a unique speech Impediment that can VERY MUCH affect how you interact with the crew, with un-augmented Vaurca having some difficulty making S and PH noises as this means you may have to take a different approach to communication, such as trying to veer away from S,P, and H heavy sentences.  They are also highly discriminated against, which although negative, can still lead to some interesting RP situations down the line such as bigotry and general Racism, which I believe, IF DONE RIGHT, can be interesting for all parties involved. They are also a bit more specialized than humans, with Bound Vaurca very rarely allowing themselves to deviate from a given task to the relative Independent thinking of the Unbound. Both of which can affect the kind of job you are permitted into. They are also barred from Heads of Staff.

Character Name:(Character name) Ka'Akaix'Krik' Zo'ra

Please provide a short backstory for this character (Approximately two paragraphs)  

Ka'Akaix'Krik' Zo'ra was born very similarly to most other Unbound, it's egg was handled with more care by the Bound workers in the hive than what would normally be used with Bound eggs, and Ka'Akaix'Krik' Zo'ra was born with fully developed organs, although sterile. He went through the first 6 months of life before being implanted with the Neural Socket and experiencing VR for the first time, which lasted a couple of days. As with most Unbound after this change, Ka'Akaix'Krik' Zo'ra Really disliked being outside of VR, but recognized his Queen, of which being Vaur'skiyet'sca, needed him to fulfill a job, not personally of course, but Ka'Akaix'Krik' Zo'ra was destined to work outside of District 9 as an agreement with a corporation known as Nanotrasen. Which he had no problem with, as he saw it as an opportunity to leave the confines of the planet and explore his surroundings, as well as slightly better living conditions.

After implantation Ka'Akaix'Krik' Zo'ra wentrough training in VR for the job Nanotrasen wanted him to do, which after some consideration, ended up being a Xenobiologist. The corporation wanted a Vaurca Xenobiologist because they recognized that Unbound Vaurca can both be suited for the role nicely, and be paid less than the average human. He went through countless simulations of a lab in which he conducted work on various lifeforms, the pertinent one being slimes. This training period went on for some time before Ka'Akaix'Krik' Zo'ra was finally discharged from the VR training program and set to ship off to a facility in Tau Ceti, a system the hive dealt with normally, as well as being the location contact was first made with a Vaurca hiveship.  Ka'Akaix'Krik' Zo'ra was set to leave in about 2 days, most of which he spent in VR re-doing simulations, just to be sure he can do the job right. Before thoselast few hours flew by as he was suddenly on a shuttle zipping threw space on a beeline to the Aurora...

What do you like about this character? (Describe what you like about this character)

I enjoy how the character was made for a sole purpose, Just like most other Vaurca, and followed the same routine as other Unbound Vaurca for the first six to seven months of life, As I see the Vaurca as more of a collective during that time than as individuals I feel it fits the character well. The character's story pertaining to Nanotrasen is something I also find interesting as I took elements from the lore, Such as discrimination and being able to pay the Vaurca less, How Vaur's brood often dealt with corporations, one of the reasons it is the most powerful hive. and how the Unbound are usually the more Intelligent and free thinking kind of Vaurca compared to Bound workers, and integrated that into the character. 

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

7/10 Above average, I am capable of starting situations everyone can have fun with, although I tend to prefer following what other people have started. I have plenty of experience with HRP and have been with the server for over a year and a half.

Notes: You spelled Approximately wrong in the format ( I fixed it in this app) 

Edited by Roostercat
Wanted to change some things about the backstory and changed the color to match Vaur's brood. 2nd edit: read the wiki for Vaur's brood again and realized that most of the brood lives in District nine, not a hiveship. fuck

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I'm not familiar with the vaurca as a species, aside from the one that goes "HYEH HYEH HEH" and haunts my dreams now, but this absolute maniac plays a forensic technician that doesn't immediately go SSD and actually did his job instead of asking for a gun and going to hunt them valids. I give him a +1 as he is a GOOD COWORKER, though I feel as if I should instead force him to play forensic technician forever instead of supporting this whitelist.

However his duffel bag does look horrible.

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Application accepted! I really wanta see how your character develops, and a key part of that development will be how your character obtains their avowal. 

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