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Added ghost role: Clone

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Simple idea, seeing we have a disturbing amount of morgue pods (24 in medical alone), I suggest that random corpses can spawn inside said pods. Be it 0-3 per round, maybe a low percentage even.

There isnt always time for cloning, and sometimes people are left behind, so this makes sense, right??

The role would become active once they're put in the cloning scanner and the new clone would essentially attempt to rediscover themselves and make up a story or stay a blank trying to find their purpose.


Medical will have a completely optional something to do if the staff complement allows it. And maybe said clone becomes a proper character because someone just had a spark of genius about a toon they thought up on the spot.

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I wouldn't be opposed to having 0-2 corpses but please no more than like, one or two at the tops, preferably only rarely having even one. The idea that people not only die that regularly on the station but wouldn't be transferred off-station is something that hurts muh immersion. I'd find it more interesting if it were also required to autopsy these corpses first, then have the bag labeled accordingly, if only to give surgeons and perhaps forensics something extra to do on slow rounds.

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