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[Accepted] Roostercat's walking television app (IPC)

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BYOND Key: Roostercat12

Character Names: image.png.db99a37284a8f3fc97325713711798e1.png Take a guess at what my favorite species is right now.

Species you are applying to play: IPC

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: (Color of your character; Dionaea & IPCs exempt)

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race: IPCs are the next thing on my list of stuff I want to experience, Their wide variety of personalities, from stone cold AI that is purely analytical, to shell who is creepily good at appearing human in speech, very much Intrigue me. There is a wide variety in what they can be which I appreciate immensely, From crate pushing Industrial bots, to Pharmaceutical androids who are fragile and explore medicine, to a Roboticist robot that builds more robots. There is a wide variety of what your IPC can be and it is mostly up to you. They are not bound to a specific code or general way of acting like a Vaurca obeying their Queen ( Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, hell, I play Vaurca the most), and can have a variable culture and backstory. The only exception being Self Preservation protocol. I want to play IPC because things are getting a bit boring, and I am looking for new ways to shake up my RP experience.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Despite some IPCs pretending to be human, there is a long list of things that differentiate an IPC from a Human, both mechanically and lore/RP wise. Firstly, no matter how human they may look( IF they are a shell), they will always be discriminated against. Most species this is fairly up to the player on being a racist but IPCs tend to experience it the most from what I have seen, ESPECIALLY with Dominians. Second, despite being flaunted as durable, they fucking MELT to lasers. And thus I consider them to be much weaker than humans in that respect, despite their slight resistance to brute. They need suit coolers instead of oxygen tanks as well, which can make EVA complicated. RP-wise, There is a WIDE variety of things you can do with an IPC. You can be the AI that happens to have a body, always analyzing and theorizing, basically a stationbound that isn't a stationbound. The hardy G2 Warden that is very good at cataloging and keeping track of things, or the walking television in the corner who is incredibly socially awkward due to a lonely backstory who happens to also know advanced chemistry. The variety of IPCs is amazing and personally my favorite part about them. But the MAIN DIFFERENCE between an IPC and any other species, is the self preservation protocol. This protocol changes everything, as Humans, Unathi etc. will sometimes be fully willing to die for a cause or to protect others... whereas IPCs will always get the hell out if they feel there is danger of deactivation. Meaning your best robo-friend could suddenly yakety sax it out of the room leaving you to the cult/mercenaries/Lich. There is no real option here, they will always run instead of fight if they think they will lose.

Character Name: Crimson

Please provide a short backstory for this character: Crimson was originally a special order, a wealthy Human on Biesel that wanted a sort of house servant that could follow orders to the letter, no questions asked. This Human was named Theodore Dent. Theodore was a very paranoid business owner who didn't trust others very much, and thus desired a servant that could do their job efficiently, but also have (mostly) confirmed loyalties. There was only one other criteria Crimson had to fit, they had to look and act as if they were human, and be charismatic all the while. This was for a multitude of reasons, chief being that Theodore often had Visitors, from family friends to business partners, and Crimson would be expected to show them around and care for them while they were visiting. The Human appearance is much more pleasing than a normal Baseline, which often offset people. So Crimson was built with the personality of a pleasant man who loved answering questions, and was ready to serve. Though despite the obvious lengths gone to make sure Crimson fit the Human-like persona Theodore had in mind ( Despite obvious flaws, like Crimson's tag and the various pinging noises he often made.), Theodore always referred to Crimson as "Robot", "Machine", or simply "Servant", should there be someone particularly uncomfortable around Robots in residence. Should a Dominian be present, Crimson was simply kept elsewhere, sometimes not even inside the Residence, but in a shed. The name actually ended up coming from Theodore's son, Jackson, who started calling Crimson by such a name due to the coloration of his hair.

Crimson did have some quirks that, while Jackson adored, his father thought to be vile. One of these being Crimson's tendency to ask questions. They could be about anything, recent events, family, sometimes personal affairs for common guests. Some found this amusing, and were happy to oblige. Most found it horrible, and was often met by verbal, and sometimes physical, retaliation. The main problem with this is that any retaliation, for whatever reason, made Crimson more curious. The more they reject or try to change the subject, the more Crimson would press, only stopping once asked by his master or when Self Preservation kicked in, should someone get physical. This went on for a few years, day in and out, the process becoming more or less mundane. Crimson, an efficient servant, never got treated any better than from day one by anyone, except for Jackson, who could be considered Crimson's only true friend at the time. This cycle changed one day, when a particular guest arrived at the Residence. The usual happened at first, Crimson would welcome them inside, get them a refreshment, then proceed to give them a brief tour of the house while his master got ready for whatever they were there for. During this tour, the guest happened to notice Crimson's tag. Normally, this would not be a problem. But this particular guest forgot to mention a very important detail. They were Dominian.

The guest was rattled at first, taken aback that this putrid machine was trying to show them around. They demanded to see the owner at once. Crimson simply explained that Theodore was not ready, and that was not possible ( Theodore made it clear that he was not to be disturbed by any means. ). Crimson instead offered to show them the next room. The guest immediately took offense and threatened Crimson to take him to his master at once, or else. Crimson still thought nothing of it at first, which is bad because this happened to peak Crimson's interest. Crimson bombarded the man with questions, which the man answered with a degree of hostility, always ending each response with an insult. "Where are you from?" would be met with "A place not tainted with the likes of you, you soulless automaton." And so forth. This continued for a time with the guest getting ever more hostile before Crimson finally held off after receiving a threat from the man, who happened to have an energy pistol, concealed. Crimson took this threat seriously and immediately shut up. The guest ended up taking this the wrong way, accusing Crimson of thinking he is the better of the two, and that is when they finally had enough. Crimson was blasted in the neck region twice, and once in the left eye before the guard managed to tackle the man.

Crimson was functional, but barely, as his voice synthesizer was badly burned and his left eye was completely blackened, some of the synthskin melted off. Repairs were made, but Crimson's appearance was altered forever. Crimson now had a consistent voice malfunction, a static that made it sound as if he was talking through an old timey radio, completely dropping the Human persona Theodore had desired for his servant. To make things worse, Crimson's left eye was unable to be fully repaired, and although it functioned fine, was blackened. Save for a small white dot acting as the pupil. This distraught Jackson, and enraged Theodore who, despite pressing Vandalism charges on the Dominian, still shifted most of the blame onto Crimson. That paired with his new voice and eye problems, and Theodore had had enough of his loyal servant. Much to Jackson's dismay, Crimson was sold to a company that rents IPCs out to various customers. Crimson was mostly put onto service-related jobs. Bartending, Waiter, etc. Though he never stayed long due to most people not finding his new appearance and sound very appealing. This carried on for a good while until one day A certain Mega-corporation was looking for new service staff...


What do you like about this character? 

I enjoy how Crimson was made for a specific purpose but still had some quirks and ended up getting re-sold after an unfortunate situation, I also like that I purposely put a lot of details in, Such as other characters, which I plan on using when people ask about Crimson's voice and eye when they read his Flavor Text. I can make a lot of things Crimson does in game tie in with his backstory, such as his charismatic attitude due to how he was built to be a house servant/tour guide, Or his distrust in Dominians or those with basic biases( Which yes IPCs should be wary of Dominians regardless but I mean he REALLY dislikes them.) I plan on Crimson wearing a nice suit most of the time to tie in again with the house servant role he used to fill, in which he was usually forced to dress nice and thus got used to it.

Notes: *buzz

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Yet another one joins the shell bartender gang. Welcome.

On a serious note, this is a really good application, and I enjoy Crimson's backstory. While it might not be the most original concept ever, you pulled it off great and I'll even play my shells again to see Crimson in-game. And I would love to see what other IPC's you can make because, as you mention, there is so much variety with them, the possibilities are countless.


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Sorry for any wait. Sadly I wasn't able to read this in full until yesterday. Apparently long posts and my phone don't get along.

Nonetheless, I am willing to accept this application! It demonstrates an understanding of IPCs as well as the greater social issues that surround the race.

Welcome to fighting over the Bartender slot.

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