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Anoxie-v8.04's Core

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Byond key: Colfer

Discord key: Co.LF-ER

Character Name: Anoxie-v8.04

Item name: (if you are applying for multiple items, it should be made into a list with the description, name and appearance together): Anoxie-v8.04 Remake

Item function(s): Serves as a more accurate representation of what Anoxie-v8.04 actually is, rather than the other core sprites.

Item description: A plasteel core with a server tower, hal 9000 style animated display, various wires and flashing buttons and dials

Item appearance: AI_Core_colfer_improvement.png.c5ca77de970d772b878527e76be6079f.png

Why is your character bringing this item to work? How did your character obtain this item (1 paragraph or more please):
The previous AI core models sacrifice some of their processing capabilities and power for style and a giant display, this was of course no use to an AI that cannot admire beauty. Therefor Anoxie's core was rebuilt and designed with an entire independent server tower and a much smaller display similar in size to a computer monitor. Showing people that they aren't dealing with anything more than a machine

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell? (2 paragraphs here please):

Anoxie is an entirely robotic being in nature, with no simulated emotion or humanlike attributes, without the ability to process beauty, or style, or even care about changing its display the core was changed and reconfigured to serve the virtual intelligence better and give people a better understanding to what they are actually dealing with. The previous core portrayed a sense of personality and intelligence while this one is solely designed to portray its robotic nature, showing that this intelligence is nothing more than a tool, with a visible server tower and exposed wiring with plasteel plating.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?
It'll help me keep focused on roleplaying a virtual intelligence and keep responses to a very straightforward and robotic degree, the purpose to 'unstimulate' roleplay, but in a good way, like funny NPC dialog in games

Sprites: AI-colfer-rmk.dmi

Additional Comments:

I didnt have alot to say on 'what value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell' because I force myself to keep to and incredibly robotic nature and ask myself 'why would a virtual intelligence have interest in doing this?' when acting autonomously (without crew command, or acting outside of lawset, like configuring atmos without command, or opening door when somebody is nearby) so I dont think Anoxie would necessarily have value to its CPU besides more raw processing power and keeping it safe. And the core isnt magestic or incredibly stylized (as intended) so It doesnt have much of a story to tell other than being a fancy computer core

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This actually looks like a pretty neat idea, making the AI core actually look a bit more theatrical/sci-fi, rather than another tube television machine. Initial concept is neat, but you could also add off of it, maybe make a custom hologram for the AI too? 

+1 anyway

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The application itself is well done, however there is a issue with the sprite itself, its essentialy a movie reference that we feel doesn't fit into the standards we want to keep up. I will leave this open for a bit to allow you to post new sprites so we can review it again.

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Posted (edited)

I actually cant really change the core because im not the spriter but have permission to use it from the spriter, I only mentioned the hal9000 style display because thats what it reminded me of, not because its supposed to reference the movie. Since I only have another set which is essentially just an older steel looking version of the same thing, Im afraid I cant provide another set of sprites that would meet the standards set. If this is truely invalid then I wont be too upset if its denied for the reasons provided

Edit: The display animates in a way dis-similar to the static unchanging eye of hal is what I mean

Edited by Colfer
This needed some explanation to make it more valid for application

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Well, if there's one thing I'd like to say, I think this is a great sprite, and a great storytelling element.


IMHO, there are already other AIs with ANIME CATGIRL PERSONAS. This is basically nothing in regards to immersion breaking at all.



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After some discussion with the applicant, along with some additional info they have provided the custom item team (myself and prate) have decided to accept this application.

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