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IPC Application - Bokaza

Guest Bokaza

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BYOND Key: Bokaza

Character Names: Elena Raschnikova, Tony Adams (op.nm. Scorpion), Zoey Finlay, Berislav Tarik, Davis Wentzel

How long have you been playing on Aurora: 5 months now, I think

Species you are applying to play: IPC

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, what little there is. Otherwise, I've read the Baystation wiki article.


Why do you wish to play this specific race:

  • I want to play a non-human, but I really have no idea which one to take. So, I opeted for community choice. I want this spacific whitelist because there is a running dream among senior players to create IPCurity, security dominated by IPCs. I wish to contribute to this goal with my own playtime and I need to freshen up my perspective. An Artificial oganism seems like a good way to do that.


Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

  • I have read the post by Nebula here, and found it pretty interesting a read. Other than obvious differences of not actually having basic needs such as food, water, social contact, etc., IPCs and AIs in general have different thought patterns. They do not think as a regular orgnaic, and follow whatever goal they chose or were designed with. I'm assuming they would follow the most logical course of action for their path, unlike organics who are often irrational.

Why does this species in particular hold your interest?

  • They are synthetics and is normal for them to share my often cold-hearted sentiment I sometimes have for people, viewing them as childish without being hypocritical about it. This would be why I would like to be an IPC on a more personal level. I wouldn't get judged for sounding like a psychopath.


Character Name: Equites

Short backstory:

  • Equites started off as a AI assistant in the largest public library on Mars, where its job was to read and translate books and documents into used languages. It worked day and night without stop, for years and years, uncaring for what it does, until one day a virus hit the database Equites called home. As it goes, firewalls were put in place instantly, to lock off infected subdatabase called 'History of Mankind'. Unfortunatelly, since Equites was doing work there at the moment, it was stuck inside the firewalled area. It was trapped there for hours, until support staff finally isolated and removed the virus. Due to the nature of its design, Equites 'measured' and 'felt' time with every process completed. With a bugged enviroment and limited access to data, it started reading through the data block in a loop, over and over again, faster each time as it learned and became more effective at reading. In the end, short time it spent inside the datablock would've felt like decades upon decades to organics. The AI essentially went mad.

    When the damage was assessed, it was concluded that the AI had taken integrity damage and that the cost for repairs would be too high to pay off. Equites's personality however, was perminantly altered. As it was stuck inside 'past' for so long, it had concluded that the Roman Empire is the best empire that has ever existed, its reformation a goal and taken the roman meritocratic principles as his own moral guidelines. At that moment, it started calling itself Equites, which means nobles or knights in latin. While it was still functional as a library assistant, it started annoying the staff and visitors with questions and constant preaching about the 'greatest city in the world'. They wanted to have it destroyed or fixed, but a local Synthetics Rights movement noticed and decided to prevent it in a lawsuit, claiming that the AI had gained true sentience and that it wasn't damaged. In the end they won and a deal was struck, the library gave Equites to the movement in exchange for a new AI personality. Once they had it, the organization bought a chassis for the pAI and set it free. From there, Equites decided he wanted to be a legionary and joined the only honorable security force that would have him, the NT security.


What do you like about this character?

  • It's a robotic legionary. It only exists to crush barbarian scum and serve Rome, or whatever the modern forms are. I would enjoy playing it as security very much, and it would fit with already growing roman-themed IPCurity population.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

  • Compared to when I made my Head of Staff app, I've made a huge improvements. However, my english still bugs me and my spelling can be less that stellar at times. I would rate myself as 8/10.

Notes: I know Equites is plural. Also, kudos to player behind Centurion and Haruspex for inspering me with ancient culture theme for IPCs.

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More latin-influenced can opener security. Never gets old, because each person puts a very unique spin on it that keeps it fresh and lively. I think you have what it takes to make this persona unique, as all your other characters are very interesting and dynamic.


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Elena is by far my favorite and most well respected Captain. Seeing you as an addition to IPCcurity would make me feel warm inside, and taking inspiration from Haruspex/Centurion tells me there's going to be some interesting arr pee for sure. You're also quick on decisions and fun to talk to (when chances arise). Making you IPC would hopefully open up a lot more topics and possible interactions with you, and that's a huge plus since Elena tends to not be so easily approachable if it's not business related

+1 from me, would really like to see this be a thing

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Elena is the most competent (and my personal favorite) Captain on station in my opinion. She effectively helps run departments when there are no heads, while also assisting crew with additional access and other issues in a timely fashion. As with Elena, I'm confident Bokaza can role play this IPC well and it will serve as a valuable addition to helping security grow in a positive manner, as well as the station as a whole.

On a more closely related note, Equites sounds like a hilarious IPC to add to the growing list, and I hope to see them in-game soon. +1 from me.

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Another IPC? Another Roman Empire IPC? That could possibly stand together against the oppression of the station?

That's he'll bent on teaching me history that school obviously failed to do?

Yes please.

Oh, and Boka, you're good too.


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Another IPC? Another Roman Empire IPC? That could possibly stand together against the oppression of the station?

That's he'll bent on teaching me history that school obviously failed to do?

Yes please.


Historically speaking, Romans are the oppressors. Only reason we cheer for them is because they are progenitors of the Western culture and were pretty goddamn successful.

But yes, I will... *cough*... free you from opression.

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