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Schmuck Lord- Tajaran Application

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BYOND Key: Schmuck Lord

Character Names: Collin Fairfax, Edward Carja, Joseph Lock, E.A.R.L 17, Terrance Brannigen, Optikam Ratkh, Mpho Nkosi

Species you are applying to play: Tajara

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A chestnut brown

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

As the latest on my conquest of the Auroraverse whitelist Tajaran weren't really something I'd ever expect to be making. Stigma from other servers and versions of the Tajara have more or less corrupted any perception I've had of them. Then I came to the aurora and actually went through the more recent lore that's been put up about them. Naturally I was happy to see that through a Tajaran whitelist I could be the nationalistic pro-authoritarian cog in the states machine that is otherwise lacking through the other whitelists and factions in the lore. The People's Republic of Adhomai and Adhomai as a whole is just the right amount of backwards to inherit all the fun themes of an early 50s Soviet Union. As such why I want to play a Tajaran is simple. I want to play someone who is a believer in the system with absolute delusion of his stakes within it. That kind of illogical groupthink is something that is very dangerous and very fun to play with in a roleplay setting.


Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

There are some glaring differences from that of a human, the first of which being the fact that they have fur and claws and are for all OOC intents and purposes, anthropomorphic cat people. The core difference between your Tajaran and your human though is their mindset relating to their level of development. Tajara despite their space-faring technology are still on a level of intelligence that could be considered slightly below humans. Their Pseudo-Industrial state essentially making Adhomai a third-world country  means that they are behind the curve generationally at least how it pertains to education, leading to generations of less developed children and adults. Meaning more extreme reactions to stimuli socially such as statements that the Adhomai Liberation Army are a breakaway province and traitors and that the N'jarir Aristocracy is coming to take your children for their work camps.

Physically there are different reactions too compared to human. They have cat characteristics and evolved into an omnivorous state from carnivores and they have primarily cat characteristics. They can hear better, see better in the dark, and ultimately move faster due to their hunter like biologies. They are much more sensitive to physical stimuli with the exception of the cold due to their fur coats.

Character Name: Azarharurhi K'hlomarr

Please provide a short backstory for this character

Azarharuhi is a very old Tajaran by now, born in 2410 a Hharar in an agricultural settlement outside of Shungsta. He and his family we're from a long generation of farmers in services to the local plutocrats. As times went on Azarharuhi like many other Tajaran grew disgruntled with their royalist overlords leading to the first Great Revolution. Living in the more rural and regions nearest to the various Zhan-Khazan communities at the time the fighting was early and it was fast. The K'hlomarr family farm was destroyed within the first month of the war, from both actual fighting and royalist claiming the crop, leading to an economic downturn for Azarharuhi and his kin. Azarharuhi snuck off what remained of his family farm against his wishes to join the revolution as a teenager, wishing fighting alongside the rebels across the North-Western hemisphere of Adhomai. A few years of fighting with the hardship and stigma of youth and his skills with ballistics improved. Earned originally keeping dangerous wildlife off the farm paid off and Azarharuhi was inducted into the Ha'narr Corps around 17 for the duration of the first revolution for his fighting spirit and committment to the revolution.

By the end of the Great Revolution, Azarharuhi obtained the status of a local Folk Hero in and around the rural areas outside of Shungsta, having fought in the mountains and plains, and all across Das'nrra. His original village however was destroyed from the fighting and the soil of his family farm was untenable. This forced Azarharuhi and what remained of his family to move south, eventually being granted new housing in Nal'tor due to Azarharuhi's service during the First Revolution. For the next couple of years Azarharuhi transitioned from his psuedo-armed service back into civilian life and worked in a new hydroponics facility paid for by NanoTrasen, learning to use the new technology with what little of his old skills as a farmer remained. He continued on as a card carrying member of the Hadiist party and while he did not carry the notoriety as he did in the now defunct duchy of Shungsta he was well liked in his community. Eventually the day would come though where President Rhagrrhuzau Al'Mari Hadii was assasinated. Azarharuhi was using his break-time to witness the parade and he like many others was shocked to see the assassination of one of their beloved leaders. Azarharuhi by all merits could be considered an Alarmist, his upbringing in the north in proximity to Zhan-Khazan communities meant that despite their dislike in the PRA he still saw them  as good friends and equals.

Now however all bets were off, his nationalistic fervor kicked in and he implored the recruitment office to re-enlist him. By then though Azarharuhi was entering his forties, he could not rejoin the Ha'narr Corps with his age as fighting and previous injuries much less join the general infantry of the Grand People's Army. So instead of fighting in the second revolution he continued working in a hydroponics bay, preparing cheap rations with foreign technology for the fighting men and women of the PRA. It was here he finally settled down, marrying a M'sai woman from the south and having one son. Azarharuhi begun to save to send his son to Trizar Medical Institute, despite the territorial changes. As he continued to age though his body could no longer healthily handle the rigors of his duties at his local hydroponics facility. At the insistence of his wife, he retired from the government ran hydroponics facility at the age of fifty one. Still wishing to earn money for his son however he convinced his local party representative on the merits of his service to enter him into a work program where he could continue to pay for his son. The representative obliged and now Azarharuhi has been shipped off Adhomai for the first time in his life at the age of 52 to work as a humble Librarian aboard the NSS Aurora.

What do you like about this character?

As far as characters go he has gone through almost his entire life believing in the tenants of the Hadiist party while still having these personal contradictions due to his northern upbringing. He's lived a long life and while he is entering into his twilight years he still has the fighting spirit of a true revolutionary even if it is just to make a few extra credits to get his son a good education. Even more he's a veteran and in some respects a hero of the first revolution something that I would imagine garners respect from both the DPRA and the PRA in some respect. Filthy royalists can go die in a hole but overall he is a character that's been isolated fighting amongst tajaran for all of his life stepping out onto the big stage in his old age. He's a remarkable character who is about to have his entire worldview shaken just by stepping off Adhomai, or maybe reinforced depending on how this all goes down. He's got potential because of his old age and history of conflict and I'm excite to explore it.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

In general I always answer with a 8/10, I'm excited to get involved in a story and I type too fast leading to typos, this is improved with patience and even just general role playing ability can always been improved.


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I've only really seen and interacted with them when they play Fairfax, and they are a pretty believable character that really adds to the environment whenever they are in the security department, just playing off of their background and nature as an EPMC. I think they'd absolutely do the concept here in this app well, and I'd be interested to see how such a character develops on the Aurora. 


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Amazing roleplayer with an excellent understanding and adherence to the species' lore of the character they are playing. Good person all around and definitely deserving of any whitelist. They'll do great. +1

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