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Likes: Shooting things, playing around with various builds, Hoxton Breakout, the old-fashioned grinding experience, card farming, pre-Update 25 Stealth, slow and steady stealth, collecting masks and never customizing them because you can't undo customization, customizing guns to look nice then never using them and eventually selling them to buy parts for other guns as the process repeats.

Dislikes: Clover the Screeching Irish Banshee, Trailer Trash Needle-In-The-Ear Bonnie

, card drop RNG, needing pain-in-the-ass achievements for weapon mods from the weapon mod pack DLC, "Modern" stealth, Deathwish, Deathwish stealth, cheesing Deathwish stealth with ECM rushes, people who insist on there being a meta with specific builds, the overrated boring-as-shit CAR-4 along with assault rifles in general, dodge builds.

I build how I want, and I use whatever guns I want, fight me.

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