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Michael Tool=Tool?

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So just a few seconds ago I was responding to a statement from Boka on the character feedback thread and it got me thinking about the similarities between me and most notable character, Michael Tool(Thorne). This is what I posted and to be honest I didn't realise how similar me and Michael were on certain things and it just amazed me. I'm not actually sure what to think by it.

Anyway here's the post:

Aye I agree he is way too lax, I'd change it but it'd be too out of character for him. He's a reluctant HoP due to certain events which have made him despise his job. He's too old to be the way he used to be. And he can't help but have a soft spot for some of his team due to his increasing age and being faced with his own mortality since his diagnosis.

Also with Elena I think it's Michael's feelings reflecting onto me - he started out fairly young when I first made him and he was naive-ish but has slowly grown as a character to be more cynical and to be a lot more negative. Michaels(and mine since we share opinions on this) problem is he worked his way to Captain and gained great renown(representing my own place in Apollo, sounds a bit egotistical I know) then he finally broke free and became an Admiral(representing my own rise to admin and in turn the creation of Aurora) Michael retired because Nanotrasen was worried about his health and age and old fashioned way of thinking( representing my own retirement from Admin and SS13 because me generally just worrying about the way I was and what kind of person I was becoming) then Michael returns under investigation from Nanotrasen(Unofficially they're stunting him at HoP because he's dying, but officially they're stunting him because he apparently committed treason). Myself I returned and didn't bother reapplying for Admin and I'm now a dinosaur, the admins have changed everything, the way they do things and the procedures and I'm just a fossil of a bygone time. Michael feels the same way.

Michael respects Elena but he's honestly jealous that he's no longer the star captain he once was, and honestly over the years me and Michael have become so similar that it might be affecting my own personal feelings on her.

Many people used to think the character I related most to was Aaron Tool, but these days I think it's Michael.

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Heh. I feel like a lot of people's signature characters/early characters are based largely on themselves and act in accordance to their moods/lives.

Daniel Rayn was my sec officer. Never really motivated to do anything. Didn't talk much, but when he did, he'd explode. Sorta-addictive personality, grumpy all day...Then I thought "fuck that I can literally be whoever I want in this game" and gave him a beard.

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Gollee originally used to be based on my personality, but has since diverged considerably; currently I have no characters I identify with personally.

Gollee is based off of a character from Andy McDermott's series of books (Forgotten what the series is actually called) Eddie Chase.

Inis is based off of an idealised personality for her origin character; on WoW; with an added dose of pacifist and epilepsy.

Whisper is.... Whisper.

Amy is... Amy.

Varan draws mannerisms from my father, in the armed forces.

Delindivar and Baralor have some inspiration in Mordin Solus, not for his mannerisms, but for his reaction to events; efficient, less emotional.

Sel'tier has some similarities to what I can only describe as a neurotic in my English Language classes.

Iris is very similar to the stereotypical college chav; with less "You wot m8" and more rudeness.

Guenivere Tier is based off of both of my grandmothers, taking the religion from one, and combining it with the personality of the other.

Kàyla has similarities to some of my college friends in personality.

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I've experienced something quite similar, and rather annoying in effect. Whereas when I had roleplayed a certain character for a long period of time, I grew attached and began to take on elements of their personality and emotions into my own, shifting my method of typing, how I view certain subjects, and so on over time. (It made me get really into a certain something as well)

Whilst it led to a more involved and fulfilling roleplay experience. An annoying side effect of it had been me letting my own IC and OOC emotions and attachments blend, leading to issues with already prevalent mood swings impacting my gameplay, and IC events causing the aforementioned mood swings as well as intense stress far more often than should be usual. Such things led to me taking a still-current (Month long as of today) break from SS13 and Aurora, to "de-toxify" myself from the annoying side-effects of this unhealthy 'method' of roleplay.

In short: Don't get attached to your character(s) it's bad.

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Originally, I played Gollee as a self-insert in cargo, and Inis in security; then when I decided that I really liked security, I thought about how I could bring Inis to as close to her origin as possible; and hence was born Inis, the genetically freaky bitch hulk, with immortallity, regeneration, glowing eyes and an attitude problem.

As Aurora developed, Inis' retconns grew, and now, instead of a 17 year old HoS/ Captain, she is a 23 year old pacifist, highly religious, epileptic assistant, with a penchant for promotions, having been promoted ICly to every head role.

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