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Music/Sound Dev Team Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: LocoTokyoFunBus

Discord Name: Morky#6225

Position Being Applied For: Sound Designer, Composer

Past Experiences/Knowledge: Been making music and sounds for the past 3 years or so, at a more serious level the past 2 after having decided it was something I wanted to eventually do professionally, if possible. Most of my skills are self taught, but I do have some formal music theory education, where I learned a lot of nitty gritty about harmony and composition. Most of my experience comes from personal projects. This is probably the best example of something from my musical output lately, and this is an example of some more recent sound design work. The footage is from the game Rain World, with the audio muted and all of the sounds having been replace by me. Ambience, sound effects, everything. 

Examples of Past Work: Unfortunately, I was dropped on my head as a small child and now my head don't work no good. : ( 

As a direct consequence of this tragedy, I don't feel confident enough with coding to be making pull requests or messing with files in the github codebase, and I don't have a history of edits to the code source to use as examples. What I do have are some sounds I worked on this morning for probably a little under 2 hours:

Here is one meant to replace the current Biogenerator sound in Xenoflora and Hydroponics, which in my opinion is, as it stands right now, a little bit anemic considering how big the sprite for the machine is. This cool new sound is a blender layered with some engine sounds and lots of different materials squelching around inside of it.

This one was an idea I had for a Vaurca emote called "chortle". Could also be used as an additional variation of the existing *chitter emote.

This last one is another hypothetical sound for a Vaurca gauss cannon. To my knowledge there's no such thing in the game yet, but I still thought it was worth mentioning as an example of something I'm capable of making. Could also be used for the ion cannon, though I haven't seen it used myself so I'm not sure its sound needs replacing.

Additional Comments: I don't have a lot of coding experience, and I'll probably need a lot of help with implementing sounds into git. I spoke to Skull for a hot minute about whether or not the dev team was interested in someone to help with audio, and he mentioned the possibility of working closely with a coder to help with implementation in the same way some of the spriters here do, and that would be my ideal setup, if possible. 

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You have the expierence, and I'm sure a sound composer on the team would be awesome!



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