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Ape Race


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While I've yet to think up a lore, or abilities, I've thought multiple times that this game needs a monkey-man species. If the image you would imagine just doesn't come to you, think of the Apex in Starbound. Covered in fur everywhere but their palms, the soles of their feet, toes, and abdomen/belly.


Oh, and if you want to try and cook up a lore for them with me, try to get a me either on the server, or my skype, below. Icons would also be pretty awesome.


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I would much ratehr have ape uplifts. The tajarans and Unathi are already too human-like. We should not add any additional alien races unless the race is actually alien.

And if the race can be described as "ape-men" then it is not alien enough. I mean something like hydrocarbon bones, hydraulic muscles, an alien brain structure, something which would actually provide people with new opportunities. If someone wants to play something identical to a human which just speaks funny, we already have unathi and Tajarans for that.

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I personally am of the opinion of quite bluntly:

fix the shit we have before adding new shit.

There are so many things that can be fixed about the existing races, I.e. The IPC's that we are probably better off fixing them and finishing the Vaurca before we look at yet more alien races.

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