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Mirk's Antag Ban appeal

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BYOND Key: mirkoloio

Total Ban Length: Banned on: 16.02.2015 So it's a month now

Banning staff member's Key: Doomberg

Reason of Ban: Banned due to a complaint filed against me.

Reason for Appeal:

I have been banned quite some time ago. I had quite some time to think about my actions, quite some time to improve. After reading the complaint several times and thinking back into the situation I've realized that what I did there is not quite the thing I should do. Even the part where I justified the Monkey->Sting->Human->Absorb thing with the "noble" cause of not removing players from the round seems like a dumb idea to me now. Over the time I spent banned I think I too improved my general RP with Jamison. And yeah. I hereby once again ask of you to allow me as an antagonist again.


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You still focus on that singular complaint.

Allow me to quote Rechkalov on what you should be focusing on, and what why tried to make you focus on in your last appeal:

As I have tried to point out, the reason for the ban appearing appropriate for all antagonist roles and not just for changeling would seem to be that you remain unaware of your responsibility as an antagonist to provide entertaintment for the 'regular' players, rather than rek' them and win the round. Why I keep repeating this - I believe that the moment you fully comprehend this, you will be able to have your bans lifted and do your 'job' properly this time... or, you may realize that instead of providing fun, you'd much rather have fun, and won't long for antag roles no more.
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The whole reason why I've been banned goes here:

I've been banned due to my repeated powergaming in the past. I. e. Immediately getting stungloves and the like.

Due to ganking, EoR Grief violations, repeated self antagging. That's about all the stuff I've done and I'm not quite proud of it.

The Changeling>monkey>Sting>Human>absorb thing merely gave me the final push into this ban.

As I've said. I'm not proud of my actions and i see that they've been wrong. I think I've improved by now and I'd like a chance to proove it. However, That's up to the admins.

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Apologies for the delay, had a busy week.

I'll consult a few people and see how they would evaluate your conduct past that point. In the mean time, I am curious about one thing. What do you think I mean by saying that your judgement as an antagonist is the most major concern we had in the past?

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I am quite sure you mean the unnecessary killings I've done. And about me trying to do the same all the time. Like, most of the time I traitored I tried taking over the station, wich lead to me /always/ ending up dead and/or arrested.

I think you mean things like that.

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I don't mind antags trying to take over the station, as long as it's done exceptionally well.

Generally, the more disruptive your actions will be, the more skill, creativity, and proper understanding of what players like/dislike will be required to make your antagging successful.

Given that your antagging was deemed poor enough to result in an antag-ban, should this ban be lifted, I would recommend spending some time to build a better rapport with the server population, and get a proper understanding of what you should and should not do before getting involved in heavier business.

Basically, start small until you acquire experience.

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