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BYOND Key: MrImATool

Staff BYOND Key: Doomberg

Reason for complaint(This ain't not complain yo!) : basically I wanted to give Doomberg some feedback but there's no where else I see as a relevant place to do it. I think Doomberg is one of the best admins the server has, not just for his skills at dispatching griefers but for his general interactions with players, his attitude is refreshingly positive. Doomberg manages to get involved in the RP but still knows the one rule "Admins are here to make it more fun for the players, not for themselves". And for this I thought Doomberg deserved some praise, because since my return he has definitely convinced me the Aurora staff aren't as evil as I thought.

Evidence/logs/etc: OOC:Doomberg:Boners

Additional remarks: If the staff are still looking for a new head admin, Doom should definitely be considered.

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((removed because I was a fucking asshole, apology))

I think Doom is a good admin, but the fact I've never had any issues with him might deprive me from first hand experience. The best way to truly know the person is when they are at their worst.

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Boka what in the world are you on about?

Also we should have an admin feedback section, so that this kind of stuff isn't just shoved into off topic never to be seen.


((removed, again, because I'm an asshole))

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