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Character Feedback: Sam C./Alex.Y

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after thinking for a while i decided to make this to ask you guys aboult my two main characters:  Sam Chalegre,the dreg roboticist and Alex Yammato the Himean Quatermaster/Drill Tech

what you think aboult then? what you like or dislike aboult then? do you think they are well Roleplayed or not? 

any comment and suggestion for improvement is welcome 

ready for the rain of critics i will get

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More or less since I started playing on the server, I've been going through with the IC drama and shenanigans that follow due to the often aggressive/violent nature of your characters conflicting with the often bombastic/pretentious nature of my own. It's a non-romantic match made in hell, really. And from the many cat and mouse interactions I've had with Alex to the poker debts I've held with Sam, I can safely say I've had fun playing with these characters. And I can't help but notice your roleplay has been gradually improving, especially recently with the character growth I've witnessed first hand from Alex, and Sam expressing concerns pertaining to recent lore developments outside the station.

I look forward to interacting with them even more in the future.

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I've seen Alex grow from the pink-haired revolutionist, through the ball-busting brute, past the "I am a himean"-person and now towards the lore oriented, more flavoured character.

Every step of the way, I found her to be unique and interesting to RP with. Another big, BIG plus is that you're appreciative of being corrected. Keep on doing what you're doing.

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