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  1. This server and it's exceptional players offers a unique experience I couldn't dream of having elsewhere. I'm ever grateful for all the great rounds it's brought me and I look forward to playing through even more this coming year!
  2. I dig this. It's nice and a bit refreshing to see how these big, overarching events we usually only get an outside understanding of would be told from a different, more personal perspective. Will def read the next part once it's out.
  3. Nymph good, nymph give good and fun RP, make nymph better, yes.
  4. Monomyth's characters are a blast to interact with, and I can definitely vouch for his roleplaying capabilities. Don't see no reason to not let him be a squid. +1
  5. She's laconic, scary, and digs lime juice with extra sugar (if I recall correctly.) I'd love to see more of her.
  6. I agree wholeheartedly. Raiders should look like a gang of ruffians, which they do right when they spawn. But they more or less always end up wearing the hardsuits, since they have to in order to even board the station most of the time, and they tend to keep them on for the remainder of the round. This not only ruins the low budget/improvised robber aesthetic, but also makes it more or a hassle for crew to know who's what due to the raiders wearing suits that are found on station. +1
  7. Tomkiel and his characters are a lotta fun to interact with. And his new captain character seems to know what he is doing too. +1
  8. I've only had fun interactions with Lmwevil in-game, and I feel like we really lack Ta players so I'm definitely gonna give my 1+ on this one.
  9. I'm a little bit late to the party. But I feel like I bump in and say that all my interactions with Monday has been nothing but fun and nice roleplay. And while I haven't had an opportunity to interact with any of Vulc's command characters yet I certainly look forward to doing so. +1
  10. I've had a lot of fun playing with Johan and can definetly vouch for your ability to drive fun RP resulting in entertaining rounds. I'd love to see you play some command roles. 1+
  11. I gotta apologize about the all caps, it's something I was always drawn to doing when trying to convey him being really pissed, even though there are far less obnoxious ways of doing so I always saw it as the easiest one. I probably shoulda let myself get caught much earlier cause I can see how that whole shenanigan wasn't exactly HRP material. Thanks for the kind words, I'll try harder to avoid all caps memery in the future.
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