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  1. Tomkiel and his characters are a lotta fun to interact with. And his new captain character seems to know what he is doing too. +1
  2. I've only had fun interactions with Lmwevil in-game, and I feel like we really lack Ta players so I'm definitely gonna give my 1+ on this one.
  3. I'm a little bit late to the party. But I feel like I bump in and say that all my interactions with Monday has been nothing but fun and nice roleplay. And while I haven't had an opportunity to interact with any of Vulc's command characters yet I certainly look forward to doing so. +1
  4. I've had a lot of fun playing with Johan and can definetly vouch for your ability to drive fun RP resulting in entertaining rounds. I'd love to see you play some command roles. 1+
  5. I gotta apologize about the all caps, it's something I was always drawn to doing when trying to convey him being really pissed, even though there are far less obnoxious ways of doing so I always saw it as the easiest one. I probably shoulda let myself get caught much earlier cause I can see how that whole shenanigan wasn't exactly HRP material. Thanks for the kind words, I'll try harder to avoid all caps memery in the future.
  6. Yeah, you're right. I need to start brainstorming some new character concepts. I just hope I'll be able to come up with something that's similarly enjoyable for me to play. Cause like, literally every round I've played here during this month I've been here has been a blast, which is not something I can say I've ever gotten from any other ss13 server before. And I think the freedom I had with Max to generate conflict and drama really helped keep even the slow rounds interesting, for me at least. But I obviously don't just wanna make Max 2.0, so I'll have to figure out something new. Which I'm sure I'll manage eventually.
  7. Ah shieeet. Yeah OOCly I actually didn't think I would die, I honestly don't know how I thought that considering how much I injected. I guess I'm too used to CM where if you are basically anywhere near medbay your practically invincible. Shoulda researched a bit more about how Skrell's handle relationships before I figured any of this out. But yeah that along with the fact I just realised suicides are DNC makes me quite a bit less drawn to potentially cloning him, don't really think I should bend any standard rules just so I can play him again.
  8. Hello there, I play (or played rather) the cranky, speciest, solarian boomer cargo tech Max Judge who just died this last extended round. I know that some people may have potentially found him to be an OOC annoyance, but I also know that some people did find enjoyment in his shenanigans. So I'm making this thread to discuss with y'all if you think he's worth cloning or if I should just come up with a new, potentially less chaotic character (or maybe even a similiar one.) Personally I really enjoyed every single round playing as him, some of the most fun ss13 experiences I've ever had honestly. But I'd like to know if that came at the cost of others enjoyment, so please let me know down below. I'm gonna go ahead and describe how he died for those who are unaware. Along with my idea that may make it possible for him to maybe get cloned. It's quite the mouthful so feel free to skip it and just make your comment instead. Roundstart at cargo was like any other, until zoom pills were found in the warehouse. Cargo gang ate a few of them and Max as can be expected...didn't handle them as well as the others. The speed made him run 'like he was twenty again' as said by himself, and quite frankly he wanted more. Unfortunately for him, the HoP Amaya Stone had the rest of them. So in his zooming high he tackled her, attempting to take the bottle. Which resulted in a wild goose chase with security that lasted for about ten minutes until the speed finally began to wear off. At which point he was caught, and his ID retrieved by the HoP. After a 45 minute long sentence which he spent ranting to the few security officers who could be bothered to accompany him during the sentence, his ID had been suspended and he promptly walked to the bar and rambled about how nothing will make him feel like he did while high on this pills again. Eventually, he was approached by a Guwan who offered him something that could actually make him feel that way again. Max, being the middle aged junkie he is immidiately went to withdraw some creds from the closest ATM so he could buy himself some of that. And to his horror, his account was completely drained. The notes showed that I had around 1100 creds on the account, and since I've always considered Max to be work for near minimum wage I'd imagine that's probably more than his whole monthly sallary that just went down the drain. So he freaks out, and now wants the drugs even more cause of how stressed he is. He manages to convince the Guwan he'll pay next month, recieves five syringies full of unknown drugs, and promptly injects them all in the bathroom next to the bar. Now, OOCly I should have probably figured that'd blow up literally all his organs. But I'm not that smart. He's taken to medbay and naturally, they are unable to do much. That's how he died. Now, the question is how could this minimum wage cargo tech possibly manage to get cloned? To make an attempt of answering that tricky question, I'm gonna have to dwelve into his background a bit. Max, growing up in Sol has always been quite the speciest. But the thing that really sparked the fire was when he found his wife in bed with the family lawyer, who was a Skrell. Whom Max had agreed to hire since his wife seemed to place so much trust on him. Max at that moment ended up charging the Skrell, causing them both to go through a window and getting injured. This incident was just what the Skrell needed to wrestle off Max's paternity rights concerning his two daughters, Lisa and Adelaide. Thus, Max got divorced and without any paternity rights at the time of his death he hadn't seen neither of his children, the wife, or the Skrell in person for over a year. Now, Amaya Stone seemingly dropped Max's ID which resulted in the same Guwan who offered him drugs taking it and draining his account. Now I'm thinking, maybe there'd be the possibility of the same Skrell lawyer who's now together with Max's wife and assumingly raising his children feeling some empathy for Max after his overdose. Or maybe he doesn't want his step-children to be without a true father, who they've spent most of their lives with. So he'd pursue a lawsuit with Amaya Stone concerning neglience, cause from what I heard OOCly she simply left the ID on the floor after she took it which allowed it to be stolen. If this lawsuit would be successful, then perhaps Max's family could be granted a compensation through cloning, that way they wouldn't have to break the news to his children that he ever died. Obviously, if I'd actually go through with this I'd have to talk with Amaya Stone's player. But I'm curious if y'all think it'd make sense, or if it's far too fetched.
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