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  1. I think it's only natural considering we're moving from station to ship but, the Cargo office is a little cramped. Personally, I've always found all the space it has on our current map convenient, most of all because it allows it to be the center of internal interactions as well as external ones. Internal interactions being various Cargo shenanigans and just hanging out and chatting. Being able to do that at the same place where it's IDEAL for at least one cargo technician to be sitting in at all times to be able to process people's orders as soon as they get put in, is nice! But I think when there's only room for two chairs this becomes a bit less feasible, which I can assume will make the seldom used breakroom more useful! Or perhaps it'll encourage the department to hang in more public areas like the kitchen or bar, there's definitely pros and cons here. But in my opinion, I'd love to be able to have a similar amount of space in the office as on the current map. Maybe it'd be possible to move the northern walls up a tile or two? I have no idea how things look there though, so I can assume it'd take an annoying amount of rearranging. ALSO POOL PARTIES LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. I agree with this. I can understand wanting to limit NanoTrasen from being an option in every department, but in that case I think moving NT from medical to cargo makes sense for several rather apparent reasons.
  3. Having interacted with Briony as a HoP now, I feel I can personally confirm my suspicion that Rotheria can handle the role. In my opinion, a HoP serving drinks and food isn't an issue - in fact I recall seeing other HoP's do it. I'd say it's something the HoP can do to when there is no on else around to do so, and there aren't any duties of a more administrative nature to do at that time. I'd definitely argue doing so does more to promote roleplay than just sitting AFK in the office waiting to get kidnapped by mercenaries or something. Not saying that'd be the only thing a HoP could do if they weren't serving drinks or food, but I feel if there isn't any particular command situation they have to respond to, or if there isn't any particular reason to have a meeting with anyone, the options get rather limited. And when I interacted with Briony, she was doing command things, such as changing identifications and having meetings with the HoS. So I wouldn't make the assumption that they're playing HoP in order to be a sort of jack of all trades, since they do the usual things you'd expect from command and does them well, alongside occasionally filling service stations.
  4. Briony is a solid Quartermaster. Fun to talk and interact with and does a solid job at managing the department, I'm certain you could play command well. +1 from me!
  5. Royale is a neat character, it's nice to see the Golden Deep get some more representation. And I think you do a stellar job at playing them in the HoP position, I particularly enjoyed the performance evaluations you did with each member of Cargo alongside the Quartermaster. Chunky +1 from me.
  6. I second this, not only would this leave it up to the player if their character should be stuck in drunkcrit for extended periods of time, but would also leave room for additional character customization and fluff being applied through mechanics.
  7. As the player of Buck Thompson, the character whom nearly died, I'd like to backup what Sonic and Royal themselves said about the amount of roleplay that went on in cargo as a result of Kelvin's antagonism. And it did involve arguments, meetings with the QM, and eventual meetings with the captain. Practically the whole round had lead up to Kelvin's attempted murder so honestly, I don't personally view this complaint as necessary, as I don't consider Royal's behavior during the round to be egregious enough to warrant it.
  8. I enjoy distinct characters with personalities that are discernible and unique. Having interacted with Viggo, Brochius, and Wee Woo I'd say all of them have that, and more. Their personalities are very outwardly visible, which may make you assume that there can't be anything else to them, but I wouldn't say that is the case. I think their personalities being the way they are generates avenues of enjoyable roleplay that aren't possible with a lot of other characters on the server, and it doesn't necessarily force them to be inhibited from partaking in roleplay that's more nuanced. OOCly, I'd also say that Yaku is very modest and has a good mindset for improvement. I'm of the opinion that they should be granted a trial, as I am interested to see in how they'd execute a command character. +1. Also quick note, the seeds in the public garden are purchased with credits, which I assume would render them property of the character that bought them. I also personally don't see how Brochius engaging in criminal activity is particularly relevant as he is not mentioned on the list of characters Yaku intend to play in command. Unless the "Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career?" is meant for the character the applicant wishes to play in command, in which case I suspect there's been some confusion.
  9. Omicega is definitely competent at roleplaying the various characters they play. And from my one experience with Bianca, it appears as a HoP they'll scramble to find some time to interact with the departments under their jurisdiction even when things are a little hectic, which I think is neat. Certainly would like to see more of them in command.
  10. Charger's characters are interesting, and I'd say they are one of the most eloquent roleplayers on the server. And other than that, being a cargo main I can absolutely say Kanoa is competent and fun to have in the Quartermaster role. Would love to see them play command.
  11. Yeah, changing it would clear a lot of the split second confusion in you get when both channels are being used and you're playing Cargo. I think something silver esque would do wonders.
  12. More or less since I started playing on the server, I've been going through with the IC drama and shenanigans that follow due to the often aggressive/violent nature of your characters conflicting with the often bombastic/pretentious nature of my own. It's a non-romantic match made in hell, really. And from the many cat and mouse interactions I've had with Alex to the poker debts I've held with Sam, I can safely say I've had fun playing with these characters. And I can't help but notice your roleplay has been gradually improving, especially recently with the character growth I've witnessed first hand from Alex, and Sam expressing concerns pertaining to recent lore developments outside the station. I look forward to interacting with them even more in the future.
  13. Having played this particular round and quite a few others with Yermak in Cargo, I'd like to echo some of what Bear and Lmwevil has said. The character utilizes lore and the world outside the station to a high extent. And while utilizing that, they're near constantly inciting interaction and roleplay not only with the people in their department, but the whole station through the use of the entertainment channel. I find it enjoyable and impressive. I can also attest that Yermak does do his job as a Cargo Technician. Including sorting the warehouse, approving orders, retrieving bounties and etc. He doesn't let his opinions and theories get in the way of him being a financial gain for NanoTrasen, so why should management care about what he thinks and says, really? He is after all just another lowly cargo tech, not exactly a representative. Deleting Yermak and stating that future characters like Yermak will be deleted wouldn't be a positive thing for the server at all, in my opinion.
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