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  1. Over all the interactions i had so far with sam they were quite enjoyable. At first i didnt quite like sam but after a while, having had some more interactions with her with wee woo i began warming up and enjoying the short conversations i was able to get as a cyborg. (This is more something ooc)Something that has been bothering me a bit is that you instantly began cursing trough looc chat if you happen to mess up a certain procedure. This is a bit immersion breaking. Prehaps cursing or complaing trough ic would be prefered :). Otherwise a enjoyable character to interact with
  2. Edited these two questions as there was a confusion with one and further elaborated who this person is whos applying for the research director. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.
  3. @Desven is it the way Bill (Merchant) talks or is it generally the punctuation and capitalization? I tend to place punctuation and capitalization on a lower priority as i like to deliver faster answers, since it makes the communication appear more fluid which is my own preference.
  4. Oh shit yeah i looked at it now i was thinking that the "Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career?" question was a question to check if im keeping track of the timeline and have a reasonable understanding of how it could affect my character. But now i realise it was more meant for the command character i intend to play. Well to clear this up Brochius is not going into command. The New Dominian character im creating was meant for the command role. I will update it as soon as possible
  5. Yeh its true most of my characters dont have a truly fully developed backstory with propper origin and lifestory. I usually create them on the go when i get a new idea. Some are more fleshed out some less. Like for viggo, he used to be a miner who lost his leg during a mining accident connected with more unfortunate events which made him mentally a bit weird so he got into drinking problems lost his credits appartment everything else made some trouble and attempted to steal so he racked up a few fines which i added to the security record so during a round i can work towards trying to pay it of
  6. Yeah thats true... xD i tended to go out loud in the early days and unplanned before my antag ban rolled out. However i learned from it and made a promise now and will make sure that theres more story involved and to further roleplay.
  7. BYOND key:Yakunan Main Character names: Brochius Abril (Gardener, Janitor), Wee Woo (Cyborg), Viggo Sook (Visitor), Bill Floros (Merchant), Lucky Zoleta (Robotics) Side Character Names: Miley Dimitrivich (Janitor), Viliam Fuse (Visitor), Greta Kopic (Medical Intern), Bouvier Chateaux (Chef), Nathan White aka Bayonet Boy (Security Cadet), Alona Haller (Bartender), Davydd Virsiini (Miner), Karla Iseman (Cargo Tech), Humaid Todd (Surgeon), Deandre Hallos (Xenoarcheologist), Augustinus von Rahl (Priest), Perla Kaur (Scientist), Zack Hegemone (Visitor), Zachary Pichler (Specially made Antag c
  8. @AlberykSorry for the ping. Whats your verdict?
  9. So the current issue im facing repeatedly with the Merchant is the lack of interesting goods later in the round. Currently weapon and gun vendors are plentiful and that makes it hard to acquire interesting goods. The only interesting goods you are able to acquire, are from the Permanent Merchants which are present at roundstart. So in my understanding theres two categories of merchants present. Merchant Categories Permanent Merchants: Permanent merchants are merchants that spawn at the beginning of the round and wont disappear and reappear at random intervals. During the begi
  10. Alright sounds good! Wont be able to play much during workdays this week as im working temporary in a place which is quite a bit away so i come home tired and dont feel like roleplaying. Just so youre aware that i wont be logging in much during this "trial week"
  11. BYOND Key: Yakunan Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: alberyk Reason of Ban: Spraying lube everywhere at the end of the round without doing anything antag-wise before. (While it is true, i had a small build up to this incident just when the shuttle was called which i didnt find worth mentioning as it was after all at the end of the round) Reason for Appeal: I request that my Permanent Antag ban would be lowered to a temporary one. I genuinly try to make the round interesting and enjoyable for everyone, sometimes i succeed and sometimes i fail. I did some thinking during th
  12. Im thinking of the priest robe and the nuns clothing. The jumpsuit is meh Edit: Otherwise all other clothings heck yeh
  13. +1 If clothing which are heavily related to the profession are job restricted so you can spawn in with those.
  14. I think operating the crusher should remain the janitors job. Since its the janitors job to clean and maintain the station.
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