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A Psychologist's Tired Vent

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When I decided to make Mobius a psychologist, almost a year ago, I had envisioned lengthy sessions of talking to traumatized people, holding a person's hand as they weep about a lost loved one, helping people recover from horrible events or working to alleviate their illnesses. And partially, I got it. A handful of characters regularly speak to Doctor Mobius, and it follows them as much as possible. Heartbroken dregs, confused IPCs, disillusioned Solarians. And when that happens, I rejoice, for my dream of sitting in the chair and taking notes while someone pours their heart out happened. Unfortunately, that is not often the case. Rants and complaints about the medical bay seem quite common, but this is not a complaint. Just a vent, and maybe a polite request.

Please go easy on the medical bay.

I did not sign up for this, man. I did not make this character only to be forced to do first aid because nobody else is available or playing. I do not want to do this, but it happens so often, and I hate not doing it. Who else will do first aid but me, the only one with access to the medical bay? I did not mind, at first, I even had Mobius learn the basics by asking physicians and experts, but now... it's just so painful. Every time the antag starts making demands or threatening or claiming that they kidnapped someone or yelling about a grand political cause, I sigh and try to face the fact that my next two hours will be a chore. This is not what I want to do, but I don't have an option.

Do I play off-duty? Then I would never be able to practice psychology.
Do I refuse to help? I'd get detained, or yelled at, or arrested, or bwoinked.
Do I leave, cryo? I'd still like to play the game.

So here I am, having to decide whether I want to play or not, because those are my only options. Either I play and volunteer to do something I'm not supposed to do, or people die and their round ends. I hate how much of a victim I am making myself, but really, I am getting tired. Too tired. Is it really so much to ask that antags find gimmicks that don't require mass casualties? Is it too much to ask for some mercy? Sure, I could ahelp, beg if they can be asked to tone their chaos down, but will I have to do it every round? And after how long will that cause a decline in antag players, and then stagnation, and the consequences that follow?

I'm just tired, man. Not many people play medical, and those few probably feel compelled to join and help even if it means they'll just do a job for an hour or two, with barely any RP or enjoyment on their part. I'm sure there's another dozen threads talking about possible medical changes, and I'm sorry if this adds to the pile - but if there's a pile, maybe there's a problem, and whether that's an antag problem or a medical problem, I have no idea. All I know is that I just wanted to grill perform psych evals, man.

It's not Mobin' time...

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I know this is a vent. Sorry you feel like that, man. Keep your head up. Read this from the perspective that I've played here a long time and seen a lot of changes, problems, and people come and go. Not meaning this as a refutation at all but some perspective to help you or others.

Med is what it says on the can, a medical department. 90% of the time treatment means fixing bullet holes and popped lungs. The nature of the gameplay loop means that even on "peaceful" antag rounds someone is likely to be injured. Even on a moderately normal antag round there may be a few deaths. It's my opinion ultraviolent antag rounds are rare nowadays. As someone playing since 2016, I don't consider an antag super violent / out of the ordinary unless half the station is either bombed out, covered in blood, transformed into cult, or most of the station is fending for their lives.

the role of psychologist has always been one that is different. Mechanically, they are useless. They have no gameplay loop especially since the mental disorder treatment loop was removed in the past year or two. They, like consular and some other niche roles, exist purely for roleplay flair. There's not a whole lot of mechanical capability to the role. There's even a warning on the wiki about this. It's not your duty to fix people's popped lungs or anything like that. Some basic first aid or basic drug giving is kind of expected, but these things happen. My advice here is to play the role, and learn to not care about stuff outside your lane. Warden for example is similar to this. They MUST stay in the Brig unless getting something to eat. The entire ship could be going down the shitter, half exploded and vented, but I would expect a competent Warden to remain within the Brig at all costs. What are your base duties and responsibility as psych are a grey area and up to you. Don't sweat what's outside your "brig" as psych.

A third point I think you bring up is if we indeed have a problem. Of course we have a problem. There's always problems in SS13, Aurora, The Community, and gameplay itself. There always will be a problem. The gameplay is people and roleplay driven, and the mechanics by nature are a complex behemoth. People are imperfect, and so is our code at times. It's neither medical nor antag's "responsibility" to ensure a smooth problem-free round. It is both of their responsibility however to ensure a roleplay filled round, and that both drive whatever player-engaging roleplay they mean to achieve to totality. You're correct in assuming that having more and more peaceful antags will drop our already slowly declining playerbase.

Antags kill. Antags peaceRP. Security shoots. Miners pop lungs. Engineers Fix Station. Medbay patches People. Wardens man the brig. Psychologists- they talk to people. Keep your head up, while some people will go easy on the medbay, others will not. Maybe try playing sec department if you'd like a change of pace and experience what issues other departments face. I would say medbay is one of the most well-loved and respected departments.

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As far as I went I never expeceted Psychs to actually do medical work, so I'm kind of surprised about that part. I wouldn't be pissed if a Psychologist simply didn't save my wounded character, but I've never really played medical, so what do I know.

As far as I go, I don't know if you do it often, but seek medical records, and don't hesitate to go out of your way to contact people that might be in need, either from events during the shift, or from things you might've learned about their past (IE: by reading the records). Last time I saw Mobius in game he was just standing here in the medical lobby. I pass by an hour later, he's still there. Go out of your way to see who might need help, because there are, and you might get even more patients!

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8 hours ago, Zelmana said:

Don't sweat what's outside your "brig" as psych.

7 hours ago, Gem said:

i personally wouldn't care if a psych doesn't do medical outside of psychiatric stuff and i'm surprised they're expected to do any medical stuff outside that at all (if this is the case?)

5 hours ago, Faye <3 said:

nothing says psychologists have to do medical stuff. if someone tells you to treat someone, say you don't know how.

The issue here is that while I understand and agree that I should not be expected to do medical, in fact, I rarely do when there's physicians or surgeons. At most, I'll do first aid and basic triage during chaotic rounds, or since I play a G2, offer to provide medbay security. The issue does come up when, like many times, I find myself to be the only medical personnel on duty. Yes, I could say "I don't know how" or "this is not my area of expertise," the issue is more personal, hence why this is a vent and not a complaint or anything else. I could say those things, but I'd just feel guilty. I remember a while ago that I was too busy with university to play that often, so I was very bummed out if I died during the one or two rounds I could play. Since then, I feel some level of obligation to help people, and I will do it if I must. I guess the problem is that not many other people play medical, so this extra assignment I give myself happens very often.

8 hours ago, Zelmana said:

Keep your head up, while some people will go easy on the medbay, others will not. I would say medbay is one of the most well-loved and respected departments.

I appreciate the input, it definitely feels great to be a psychologist when it does happen, it's extremely rewarding. But hell, you'd have to pay me to play security lol

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On 03/08/2022 at 23:30, Zulu0009 said:

issue is more personal

The trick to not burning out in the medbay is caring a little less oocly. As a psychologist people dying gives you more people to talk to than saving people anyway ^_^


All jokes aside, I been advertising this for years but it's hard for most folks. Even as surgeon or CMO you do not need to be the hero who saves the day, I always saw this as a play to win mindset when people force themselfs to use the fastest route for perfect treatment. Try gauze and apples, wounds heal with those, just a lot slower which offers more time to roleplay. You can even strap people with damaged lungs to internals and keep them awake until a surgeon arrives. Sure does not sound like efficiency but it helps roleplay a lot if there is not every job available all the time.

As psychologist you could even go as far and inform people that treating physical issues could cost you your job. Give them the basic tools but have them treat each other while teaching a bit about how it works or have them sign funny paperwork so you don't get sued. The sky is really the limit when it comes to figuring out your own job approaches.

Also play security for a week or two. Having knowledge of how other departments and jobs work and interact can help you out a ton in the medbay and also provides a ton of good approaches for your psych work ;)

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