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Freedom's Tailored Narrows Labcoat

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BYOND Key: Lmwevil
Discord Username: SquidQueen#3107
Character Name: Freedom Of Self Shackled By Unending Greed Nuanced Between The Last Breath of Kindness From Mortal Lips While Trapped In An Endless Cycle of Misery Perpetuated By Generations Of Unwitting Slaves to Systems That Control and Bind Throughout All of Time While Blinded To The Beauty Of The Worlds Around Due To Short-sighted Needs While Bathing In Cold False Light Shielded From Radiant Stars By Unfeeling Steel  (Short name Freedom Of Self Shackled By Unending Greed)
Item Name: Renewed antiquated labcoat
Item Function(s): Looking -good-, buttoning and unbuttoning
Item Description: An ancient labcoat from the Narrows, recently revitalized with extreme tailoring to become a symbol of unity between the Conglomerate and Dionae across the spur after the allowance of Dionae as Executive Officers aboard the Horizon. It must have cost a substantial sum to fix the century old labcoat back up to scratch. On the left arm is a beautifully sewn on patch that reads "A block".
Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Freedom is one of the lucky Dionae to be promoted to XO after the position opens up, they have worn a shitty, ancient labcoat from the Narrows for all their time on the Horizon and seek to rectify this with a new, sleek and modern labcoat to wear to work that bares the SCC colours in solidarity for the change.
How did your character obtain this item?: A substantial amount of savings into a specialized tailor, before that it was found on a cadaver they absorbed aboard the Narrows, and is deeply personal to them.
What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: This item is the symbol of where they started, and where they now are. Once, they were struggling to survive at all, organizing teams of gestalts to repair the Narrows. Now? They are at the top of their game, society is progressing and so are they, able to provide and aid others as best they can, this labcoat is the symbol of their utter commitment to the Conglomerate, as well as an homage to the nameless prisoner who they carry the memories of. 
Sprites: FreedomCoat.dmi
Additional Comments: Credit to Kyres for the sprite, it's all I could have hoped for.

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item description improvement
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I've had the opportunity to hang around Freedom a couple times and really enjoy the character!

As noted above, it feels pretty solid of a request, especially to characterize character development into something visual.


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Good sprite, good underused lore promotion, not any mechanical advantage.

Don't see any reason why this should not be added to the game. I'd like to see something similar as a jumpsuit or gear harness for the diona loadout list.

+1 if that matters on here

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