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Player Complaint - Elise Eisner

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BYOND Key: Lorilili
Game ID: cnN-aufB
Player Byond Key/Character name: Elise Eisner
Staff involved: WickedCybs
Reason for complaint:
So. Rev round. TCFL draft for everyone. Eisner's not an antag for any of the logs I'm giving so far as I am aware.

[Common] Elise Eisner says, "I'm not dying for the Nanotrasen Occupied Government."

This is a pretty clear reference to the Zionist Occupied Government conspiracy theory. Just straight up.

Jayashri Gupta screams, "You will cease your defense of the Hopperites!!"
Elise Eisner asks, "You believe everything you read in the media?"
Jayashri Gupta says, "You -"
Jayashri Gupta says, "Are a conspirationist, collaborationist pile of scum."
Elise Eisner says, "I bet you think the SRF killed a billion trillion tajara or something."

I went to beat her up for it - some attack logs are trimmed from this - and she began doing this, which is also Holocaust denier rhetoric online - the 'gorillion' 'joke' for example.

Jayashri Gupta says, "The Hopperite is going on about how the Front is harmless."
Elise Eisner says, "All I said is I don't think they killed that many aliens."
Elise Eisner says, "They're not demons."
Elise Eisner says, "They're people."
Imogen Janse says, "....They absolutely are."
Elise Eisner says, "You believe everything NT owned press tells you."

Jayashri Gupta exclaims, "I do not care what you have, I do not wish to work alongside a genocide denier!"
Elise Eisner says, "I only deny genocides which never happened."

Again, pretty 1:1 with standard rhetoric here.

I'm not saying the player themselves are a Holocaust denier or anything of the sort, but the fact that they directly reference the ZOG thing very much seems uncomfortable. I'm fine with SRF antags - mind that I don't think this was an antag, because I was a rev and didn't see that on her on the HUD - but 1:1 neonazi rhetoric is uncomfortable. The SRF is not hiding what they're doing in the lore, to my knowledge, so there's no reason to play a genocide denier, much less as a ship character.

I was also told she resumed this after I logged off by someone, but I don't have any logs of that. May be worth looking into.

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation?: Yes. I don't know what action was taken, but I didn't supply full context - that I wasn't aware of until I just read the logs over again. I think it needs another lookover with the rhetoric used in mind.
Approximate Date/Time: May 13, 2023, 12:00 AM EST.

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