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More Augmentations


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With the announcement of Deus Ex and a new Ghost in the Shell series. I have a hunger to see more robotic augmentations available to people.




The term snowflake will be not be accepted as valid critique within this thread.

With the dawn of IPCs, cybernetics and all these grand things. Wouldn't be interesting to see a little more in the ways of bionics, or whatever the term is? At the moment, we have a concept which is barely there to say the least. Sure we have limbs and a selection of organs, but wouldn't it be interesting to see those who went overboard with augmentations?

I mean, we have the Vox, no? Plus we have the abomination of a cyberbrain from Baystation that plagues our current IPC players, so why not utilize that? Give people the option to have cyberbrains (with 'optional' loyalties to NT)

I mean this concept needs to be fleshed out more, but you get the jist of it.

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I would like this for Lockie. We don't need anything, well, crazy like any implanted lasers or something like that. But the ability to have a cortical stack or other manner of neural implant would be great. We could have auricular (ear) implants too, and the ability to have our robotic limbs be flesh colored (like in ghost in the shell) if we wanted. Oh, and possibly data ports at the back of the neck, and robotic lungs or kidneys.

And then we could include interesting new options for antags. They could focus on things other than just robusting. Maybe hack someone's augments to see through their eyes (analagous to an existing genetics superpower), or an antag ability to broadcast their thoughts to their team(with some way to counter and block the signal). They could focus mainly on enabling nonlethal takedowns, perhaps.

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I've been working on some concepts for a Bionic Engineer job who acts similar to RnD, in that creating the bodymods would require some sort of research (Hopefully different than with the destructive analyzer), and like the Geneticst in that he was part of Medical as well as research, and was encouraged to develop useful pedestrian bodymods as well as researching more experimental and dangerous bodymods. However, since I've no idea how to code, I lost interest in the idea because it had no final step, and concepts are great and all but less useful than toilet paper without anything to back them up. (At least toilet paper can clean a mess)

However, the idea with actually spawning in with bodymods is a bit contentious. With the bodymod system you could arguably ask for custom bodymods, but there's definately no way you could spawn with bodymods that actually give an advantage.

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