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Losing interest in even playing in rounds.


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Guest Menown

After that cult round, where an ERT was called due to the /crew/ being idiots, not cult, I've lost interest.

I've started to get pissed OOCly at people being idiots ICly, so it's starting to blend, and that isn't good for anybody. I've taken a break and started playing Journey again.

Currently working on non-security characters, because that's another part of the problem.

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I had spells like that many times since I've joined the server. Everyone has different things they like, but what usually works for me is change of a role/character, something you don't usually play. As for the people complaining constantly, just don't get it to you personally, if you screw up, you screw up. Just change it, don't hit yourself over it.

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Yea I was feeling that way a little while back so I found something else to play came back and decided to try a new thing IE I made VICE into a medical borg now so I'm having a bit of fun again.

So my advice is try a new role or department or something of the sort

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